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kevinkinne 08-09-2014 06:33 PM

"Family"...A New Novel for Anime Fans, By an Anime Fan
Greetings! I have been a huge fan of Japanimation for many years. I am also a published author whose latest e-book "Family" is sure to appeal to many in anime fandom! Set in the year 2032, shortly after a war between the United States and Iran, it is the tale of a scientist who tries to bring back his dead wife by placing portions of her brain into the body of a flesh-and-blood cyborg named Liza. Simultaneously, he also creates a male cyborg named Cato using some of his own DNA as a template. When a child is born to these two, the CEO of the Institute for whom the scientist works wants to have the child dissected and its biotech components sold off to the highest bidder. When Liza stages a bloody escape with her infant son, she seeks to be reunited with her husband, Cato, who also escapes from where he is being held, but in a bloodless manner. The two of them travel across the country, communicating with each other along the way. They also encounter various people whose own stories help them to further understand the precious nature of Humanity and of Life in general. Meanwhile, various dark forces are in pursuit, desperate to keep certain secrets forever secret...
"Family" is sure to appeal to those who enjoy emotionally intense anime, as well as those who enjoy standard action shows. It could be compared to Casshern Sins as well as The Life of Pi. You can obtain the download either at or in the Kindle section of You will not be disappointed!

kevinkinne 09-12-2014 06:34 PM

For those having trouble with, just click on the link which says ktf press authors, click on my name, and upon the cover art thumbnail. This will take you to's link.

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