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Well, at least i finally got a reply. I'm writing it like something out of the "theater of the absurd" (Eunesco for example). I even shamelessly stole a bit from Voltaire's Candide...I really want to stay away from doing stuff that I know has been done before (too bad monty python did the spanish inquisition already), but i presented it in a different way, so it's not such a big deal.
I believe the problem here is the length. The story needs more time to develop a plot. I'm not going to string together a series of completely unrelated events... there will be reoccuring themes/characters. This has even already been hinted at in the story (a couple times actually...and if the reader didn't pick up on them, then they'll become apparent as events unfold). This would become more apparent if I'd write the next few parts, but I just haven't felt like it yet.

...and, imo, tom green is very unfunny. while Jackass simply has little redeeming quality...
Read my Story and give me comments/critiques. I'll get around to writing more sooner or later...

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