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He laughed again, “You’re funny. I like you.”

Lizzy forced herself to laugh a little. Not easy, Lizzy Malaria was anything but funny

He tapped the other book that was sitting in her lap: Radical Molecular Biology—Risks And Benefits by the late John Twistenbody, “No, actually, I mean molecular biology. It’s a passion of mine.

And just like that, they were talking. Easy, relaxed, and fun talk. All of a sudden, Lizzy realized that she had just made a new friend.

Krystal was on her way to her next class, feeling somewhat confounded by all the recent problems. Between all her classes, Miss Piranha’s illness, and Charity’s new transformation, she felt like she couldn’t have more on her plate. More and more, things at Petri’s seemed to be getting complicated, or a least more complicated then usual, and somehow she and the rest of the Shark Tank Guild tended to be right in the middle of it. The question was: What could possibly happen next. Krystal had a nagging feeling that something else was just around the corner. It could just be nerves, the anxiety brought on by extensive stress, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something else just wasn’t right at the school. As she continued walking, however, her thoughts turned to something a little more positive.

She had been noticing, lately, at first not sure if it was her imagination or not, that boys had started to take an interest in her. Not walking up to her and asking her out or anything bold like that, but she’d been noticing that she was attracting their attention. Eyes stealthily seeking her out, taking looks at her that were more then just polite interest. For the obvious reason, very few of the male students had paid that sort of attention to her (Zippy’s brother Zach not withstanding). She was, after all, basically a transgendered female, albeit a much more complete and accurately female one.

She knew she was pretty, and she’d noticed a few more open minded guys that had seemed to like her right off the bat. But it seemed that the more everyone got used to and accepted her as a girl, the more her male past seemed to be less of an issue to her classmates.

She couldn’t help but smile; she had long since accepted her new gender. She would never tell her, but she had actually become rather grateful to Zippy for what she had done. For the first time, she felt she was really living her own life for once, although she feared the eventual confrontation with her father.

And she’d be lying if she said she didn’t like the attention. She was actually hoping one of them would man up and ask her out. In the privacy of her own thoughts, she had been thinking of boys romantically and sexually for a long while. She was, without a doubt, a woman now.

The only problem was that the guy she was most interested in, Kevin, didn’t seem to be showing that sort of interest. She had considered asking Zippy or one of the other girls for help in gaining his favor, but she hadn’t found herself ready to admit her infatuation with her best friend. One more problem she wasn’t sure how to solve.

Suddenly, Miss Piranha was standing in front of her. She was dressed in a black vinyl strapless dress with a red latex sash abound her waist. The dress billowed out around her supported by several petticoats underneath, and made a crinkling sound as she moved. She wore black nylon stocking and her usual high stiletto heels on her feet. Krystal jumped, startled, as the teacher had seemed to appear out of nowhere. She was dressed in navy blue leather strapless dress that hugged her body like a glove and seemed to strain to contain her voluptuous curves within its confines. As she had often of late, Krystal wondered if she could pull off wearing something like that.

“Krystal, there you are.” Miss Piranha said, her usual cheerful self.

“Ah, Miss Piranha, you scared me.” Krystal complained.

“Sorry.” Miss Piranha shrugged.

Krystal was silent for a second and then spoke, “Um, listen, Miss Piranha . . . you didn’t tell me not so, so I might have told some of the others about your cancer.”

Miss Piranha nodded, “I know. Stitchy ran up to me first thing in the morning and grabbed me and hugged me so tight I thought my ribs were going to break. Wailing on and on about how she wouldn’t let me die.”

She made a sad half smile, “She said you guys are working on a cure. Is that true?”

Suddenly feeling numb, all Krystal could do was nod.

“I appreciate it, but no one here has ever been able to cure cancer. What makes you think you can do it?”

“No one here was ever been able to create something like Stitchy, but we did it.”

Miss Piranha’s mouth tuned up in a smile, “That’s so true. If I can’t believe in my little Frankensteins, then who can I believe in?”

“Did you want something?” Krystal asked after a pause.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Miss Piranha snapped her fingers, “Mr. Innsmouth wanted to see you in his office.”

Krystal made a face: If Mr. Innsmouth wanted to see you, it was never anything good. The Vice Principle was certainly not in the habit of praising students for a job well done.

“What’s it about?” Krystal asked.

The teacher shrugged, “I don’t know, he just asked me to come get you.”

Wordlessly Krystal followed Miss Piranha as the teacher led her to the administration area of the school. As they walked, Miss Piranha gleefully made conversation, mostly dealing with how well Krystal was adjusting to her new gender. She asked a lot of questions, like what kind of clothes did Krystal like, what kind of skirts or dresses she preferred and the like. She even began probing her romantic inclinations, asking what sort of boys Krystal liked. Krystal found she had very little trouble responding, citing the various traits she had begun to find attractive in boys of late. She stopped short of admitting who she was attracted to.

They arrived at Mr. Innsmouth’s office and Miss Piranha opened the door and went in first. As the entered, Krystal could hear voices on the other side. As soon as she went in, her heart leapt into her mouth and her blood turned to ice in her veins.

Her parents were here.

Her mother, Constance Bell, sat primly in a chair in front of Mr. Innsmouth’s desk. She was dressed immaculately in an expensive dark navy blue suit dress, and designer high heeled shoes. She had her hands folded neatly in her lap, her fingers decorated with diamond and silver rings, each one more spectacular then the last. She was a beautiful woman, as pretty as expensive plastic surgery could buy, with long brown hair that was tied behind her head in a French braid, its streaks of grey carefully colored out. Her long thin face was taunt and her lips pursed seriously.

Her father, Artemis Bell, however was on his feet. He was dressed in a luxurious Armani suit, a fine silk handkerchief in his breast pocket. On his feet wore a highly polished pair of Berluti shoes, gleaming slightly in the low light of Innsmouth’s office. Her father had chiseled, distinguished features, being possessed of a long face and strait hair brushed back and immaculately moussed in place. His hair was streaked through out with grey but retained a little of its original brown color. Unlike his wife, Artemis Bell had never bothered coloring his hair, nor his goatee style beard that was also heavily streaked with grey. His face was slightly pink as he angrily shouted at the seated Vice Principle.

For his part, Mr. Innsmouth sat at his desk, his hand in front of him with his fingers interlocked. In a stark contrast to Mr. Bell’s hot headed anger, Innsmouth regarded them both with a cold icy detachment. You couldn’t miss the fact that he felt this whole meeting was a waste of his time. He looked over his hands eyeing Krystal’s father with barely disguised contempt as he ranted at him.

“This is preposterous and absolutely unforgivable!” Mr. Bell shouted, “I did not pay you to have my son stripped of his masculinity!”

“Calm yourself, Mr. Bell.” Mr. Innsmouth said smoothly, “You were notified of the transgender transformation of you son months ago. I wonder why it is only now that you have decided to show up and complain.”

“I have had important business to attend to!” Mr. Bell snapped.

“More important then your child, apparently.” Innsmouth said.

“That’s not the point! The point is he was sent here to receive and education so he could take over the family eventually. I can’t give that honor to a daughter; it is a man’s task! You had no right to let this happen to him.”

“You were apprised of the nature of our school, Mr. Bell, were you not? I believe you attended here yourself, as did most of your forbearers. Radical changes can occur to the students here, it’s the nature of unrestrained science. If you were afraid of that happening, you shouldn’t have enrolled your son.”

“’Radical changes’? You emasculated him! This is the sort of thing that should happen to OTHER students here, not the scion of the Bell family.”

Viewing him incredulously, Mr. Innsmouth simply sighed. Miss Piranha took advantage of the break in the conversation to speak. Krystal, for her part, would have been happy to go on unnoticed. She even felt to urge to hide behind Miss Piranha like a little girl.

“Mr. Innsmouth, I’ve brought Krystal like you asked.” Miss Piranha announced.

Krystal’s mother turned her head first and gasped when she saw Krystal, putting one hand to her mouth in surprise. Hey eyes were wide, but there was something unreadable in her expression that Krystal couldn’t quite interpret. The shock in seeing the girl who was once her son was obvious, but Krystal couldn’t quite see how she really felt about it on the face of her mother.
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