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With a slightly embarrassed look on her face, Krystal admitted, “That . . . wasn’t entirely true.”

Zippy started, “What?”

Krystal shrugged, “I was desperate to get Charity off that ledge; so I exaggerated it a little. I never actually went and got a gun. I certainly didn’t put one to my head. I . . . let’s just say I sat somewhere contemplating it.”

She smiled but a bit of a tear still ran down her cheek. Zippy stared at her friend; maybe the gun part had been a lie, but Zippy suspected the bulk of that story had been true.

“And Kevin’s words . . .?” She asked.

Krystal smiled, “All true, every letter.”

Zippy put an arm around Krystal and squeezed her shoulder, feeling a warm outpouring of affection for her. Whatever Krystal had been, she was one of Zippy’s best friends now.

Stitchy stepped up next to her, and Zippy patted her arm.

“Good work, Stitchy. Good work.” She said.

She then reached over and hugged her creation around the waist. So much had happened, so much still to come, she was grateful enough for the reassuring feel of her gargantuan daughter next to her.

But, come to think of it, there was someone else she’d like to be feeling right at this moment.

Several hours later, with the moon high in the night sky; on a smaller, different balcony, in an entirely different spire on the opposite side of the school, Zippy pressed her lips deep on Kyle’s mouth, melting into his arms as he leaned her back and kissed her. Her hands ran over his back, rising up and tracing the length of his neck, feeling his warm skin under her fingers. His hands ran up and down her back, running over her lower waist, dancing ever so close to the border but never quite exceeding it. A teasing sensation the flowed through Zippy’s body as she seeped into her passion, the warm almost insane feelings of love pulsing in her racing heart as she made out with boyfriend.

Her eyes were closed, and the world had seemed to cease around her. All there was left was the sensations on intimacy with the man she loved. Their lips moved deep against each other, almost exploratory in the way that they glided over each other. Zippy felt safe, secure, and very happy.

She was glad for this time alone with Kyle, after everything that had gone on in the last few days. Not just glad, but she had really needed this. She abandoned herself to her passion, kissing him deeply and warmly.

It seemed like it went on for hours. After a while, they finally broke the kiss.

Kyle brushed the hair out of her eyes, “God I love you.”

Zippy smiled, it was the first time he’d said it. She had no problem returning it.

“I love you too.” She said, nuzzling his shoulder.

The held each other for a long time before they began to speak again.

“Do you think Charity will be all right?’ Kyle asked her.

“I don’t know.” Zippy answered honestly, “I don’t even know what was done to her. We’re getting Mr. DeSade to help us out. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But I’m sure she’ll be seeing Dr. Freudstein, and he’ll be helping her out too. I’m hoping she’ll be okay.”

Kyle grinned a little, “It seems you might be taking in another stray.”

“Huh?” Zippy asked intelligently.

“Like with Krystal, if Charity gets rejected by Amber, which she most certainly will, I think you’ll eventually take her into The Shark Tank Guild.” He said.

Zippy nodded, she had considered that, “I suppose so. I mean, it could happen. It all depends on Charity. Do you really think Amber will reject her? It’s not like she’s no longer rich or anything.”

“I’m sure of it.” Kyle said, his face darkening, “You don’t know what she’s like, Zippy. You don’t know how . . . cold and calculating she is.”

An icy pallor seemed to fall over him, as it so often did when the subject of Amber Tiffendorf came up. Zippy knew he was hiding something, and often she wondered what Amber had done to him to cause him to regard her with such venom. The list of possibilities was damn near endless, Zippy was sure. She hadn’t ever pressed him about the details. In fact, he wasn’t very forthcoming about his past before the school, and Zippy wasn’t willing to pry.

Zippy sighed and Kyle put his arm around her shoulder.

“Things are just getting so cockeyed.” She mused, “Miss Piranha’s cancer, Charity, everything’s just getting complicated.”

“I think it’s more complicated then that.” Kyle said.

“What do you mean?”

“People have been talking. They’ve been saying that a lot of students have been disappearing. Officially, they all supposedly are helping Madame Petri with some project. But nobody can even find out what part of the school they’re in. Like Felicia and Roger, they just upped and left.”

“I’ve thought of that too, that something else might have happened to them.” Zippy sighed again, “And what’s also been nagging me is Madame Petri. Don’t you think it’s strange that no one ever sees her?”

Kyle’s face darkened, “I’ve had the same suspicion. You think it might all be related?”

“I don’t know, but it’s safe to assume . . . hey, what’s that?”

Zippy pointed down to the moat, far away, mostly obscured by shadows, several odd looking shapes could be see crawling, almost slithering, across the ground. One by one they slipped into the moat and disappeared. They were too far away to make any visual impression of, and it was too dark, but whatever they were, they seemed strange in their movements.

“I . . . can’t tell.” Kyle replied, leaning over and squinting into the darkness.

Soon, all the mysterious creatures had disappeared. Kyle and Zippy looked at one another, each one asking the same silent questions. There was a sudden feeling on unease, and of nagging fear. They turned around and head back towards the doors, arms around each other; taking comfort in each other’s presence.

Suddenly, some THING appeared out of the shadows in front of them. Zippy’s blood ran cold as the frightening visage melted out of the shadows. Red eyes stared at them unblinking through a pale gaunt face that was surrounded by falling white hair on all sides. Fear gripped Zippy’s stomach and icy fingers clawed at her spine. They both screamed in shock and jumped back, as the frightening creature came forward towards them.

“Damnit, Eve!” Zippy admonished her as she realized who it was, “Don’t do that!”

The pseudo vampire smiled a little, “Sorry, it’s in my nature.”

Catching his breath, Kyle complained, “I think I almost had a coronary.”

“Wait a second,” Zippy exclaimed, “Were you there watching us the whole time?”

Eve blushed a little and nodded, “Yes, I was.”

“You little perv!” Zippy chuckled, “When did you turn into a peeping tom?”

“I needed to talk to you, and I didn’t want to disturb you.” Eve insisted.

Kyle looked at her suspiciously, “You didn’t want to join did you.”

Ignoring him, Eve said seriously, “I think Mr. Innsmouth may have had something to do with Charity.”

Kyle and Zippy exchanged a glance.

“What do you mean?” Zippy asked.

Taking deep breath, Eve said, “I saw him, in a window in one of the other spires while Charity was on the ledge. He could clearly see her from where he was, and he was looking right at the whole thing.”

Pausing again for effect, Eve went told them, “He turned his back on her and walked away, like he didn’t even care. Or like he’d been expecting it.”

All right ya’ little maggots, listen up! This here is Gortcha, Madame Petri’s best guard, and I’m here to let ya’ know what’s going on next chapter, so ya’ better listen up! Next time, everyone tries to work on a cure for Miss Piranha, and to find out what happened to Charity and even manage to find time for a karaoke party while new things develop at the school that could spell doom for one of them in the next chapter of Zippy Zipperdale: Moderately Mad Scientist, “The Eleventh Experiment”.

Eureka! I’ve got it!

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