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A passionate red head is hardly a new idea. Humans view women with red hair as being firey.

Rah Xephon went beyond merely building on prior works. It completely copied and replaced the thing. This isn't a buddy fest between Macross, Tranformers and Gundam. This is just utterly the same. I have seen many anime, often copies of one another, never has been been so pronounced as in this anime. Naruto and DBZ are like Ghost in the Shell and Comic Party compared to RX and NGE. Too much similarity.

NGE wasn't hugely original. I will grant you that. In fact, its why I think it was such a great gateway anime. Viewers got a bit of harem, bit of mecha, bit of thriller/drama etc. Pieces of influence can be found everywhere. Not in a single source though.

There is no anime out there pre-NGE that is similar enough to NGE that you could say NGE mimics it as closely as RX mimics NGE.
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