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Originally Posted by David Ikari View Post
John Faulkner - I would be posting more, but I fizzled out with the whole "living in the net" thing one or two years ago. I've only used my PC lately to watch films or find more ludology texts.
If you're into films and games, then why not post in the GNAD and Computer Games forums here? Nobody's asking for you to post every day - that's a misconception peddled by my critics - but you know, how about making one measly post whenever you stop by? I've always said that if all members do that, this place would be pretty active, because we always have about 20 members coming every day, but most of them don't post.

Originally Posted by David Ikari View Post
I'm 25 years old and am finding there's things in the world I didn't know I needed to know. I plan to devote more time to that. I'll post as I flit through, and will always take pleasure out of coming back in a years time and seeing people making use of the boards.
Yes, I know what you mean - I'm older than 25 yrs and there's still plenty of ---- to do before I meet my maker. However, I still find it possible to make a few posts here now and then.

Originally Posted by David Ikari View Post
And also be energized in my efforts by seeing that George still keeps AB going. But I doubt I'll ever be as prolific a poster as I used to be. ^^
George's immense dedication is enough to inspire anyone; us older members don't have time to be as prolific as we used to be, but it would be just rewards for George if we can make the effort to create a reasonable amount of posts a year. If a few of us start posting more regularly, we can inspire others to do likewise, possibly leading to a snowball effect. .

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