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Originally posted by bloodgod
Was I abducted by an UFO?? or did you mean 3-5 hours and not days ???
I might have stayed away for 3-5 days! this make me...sad
I know what you mean! I was afraid that it wouldn't be online for days! And my RPG group has such great ideas!! (Well, at least Eternity, Ryoko169, and me do...)

But I love this!! It's sooo kewl.
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Gene Starwind
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I couldn't get my email address to work. Lol. So I missed it all anyways. I wish I could have gotten it to work sooner.

I like the new setup even though it is not much different.

I do read the first posts and I did about five minutes ago.
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GREAT!!! is back and i'm back too.
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