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Wink Kite Liberator

Kite Liberator is supposed to be the sequel to Kite, which I reviewed elsewhere on this thread. The original anime was about a schoolgirl by day and assassin by night. So I was a bit confused when the story opens on a space station where the inhabitants have been living for years.

Then we go back to Earth and meet Monaka. Monaka is a bright, but shy and meek student who also works as a waitress, though underage. But at night she is a trained assassin. Eventually the two stories get tied together, although there are a few loose threads.

Oddly there is another character, an older waitress who works with Monaka. There is a hint that this may be Sawa, the main character from the original Kite. But this would suggest a somewhat different ending in Kite from what I imagined. Or I may just be incorrectly assuming the two are the same.

Kite Liberator runs for less than an hour. Just like with Kite, it annoyingly ends just before the final conclusion. Does Monaka live or die? I think she lives, but other than that you can take your guess.

In all, I think Kite Liberator is a bit better than Kite. The action sequences are well done. The destruction of the space station is a nice piece of animation. In all, it was an enjoyable 57 minutes.
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