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Post top five favorite bands

this thread is dedicated to your top five favorite bands.

i'll go first since umm.... *looks around* i'm the first one here.

runner up smashing pumpkins - they were the first band to open my eyes to music beyond the radio ooohhh, yes, it really is out there people. when "gish" came out i was like 14 years old and i snatched it up like a hotcake. i actually heard of them on mtv late night (forget what the show was called) but they soon became my favorite and i went out in search of other music like them. especially the slow soft all the sudden loud passionate aspect that so many songs on "gish" have. i really get off on that...

5. cake - i just love cake. their music just mainly puts me in a good mood and makes me want to dance, even though some of the lyrics are not anything happy (eg. there's two more dead in texas and it's probably your girls). i was with cake almost right from the start, as well, with their first album "motorcade of generosity" and i just can't stop listening to them. they have the ability to make things light hearted and happy and then with the next song make you frown and think of some serious issue in your life then lift you right back up again and have you thinking of your first love. and the horns. you gotta love the horns.

4. black crowes - *shrugs* i've just always loved the black crowes. chris robinson is an amazing vocalist (and a card onstage. he cracks me up.) and his brother just has a way with his guitar. beautiful stuff. i would say my favorite album is "three snakes and one charm" just because of the amount of variety it includes. happy almost poppy songs and melancholy songs (girl from a pawnshop) that just make me cry sometimes. the lyrics are awesome sometimes but the music. i just love the music.

3. everclear - *blushes* they are my guilty pleasure band. radio-friendly everclear. (not that radio-friendly is always a bad thing... ) the rhythm and music is great but art alexakis gets me with his lyrics every time. they just strike a chord in me. yes, i was the idiot girl crying during "wonderful" at their concert....

2. modest mouse - these guys got me back into music after an almost two year hiatus of hardly buying anything new and listening to the same old great stuff over and over again. most people find isaac brock's voice annoying but i loved it from the first time i heard it. they have such beautiful music. songs in minor keys. the soft/loud aspect that i found that i love so much from my early smashing pumpkins days. *big sigh* i could go on and on about modest mouse. the symbolism in some of their lyrics just amazes me, as well (eg. "heart cooks brain"). but it's the guitars, the way he layers his voice on some tracks, the eerie aspect of some songs (eg. "alone down there"), the poppy beat of others (eg. "all nite diner", "here i come") that just makes me dance around the kitchen or the store (if i'm working), the songs that start off one way and then turn into a long jam and turn into something almost completely different (eg. "exit does not exist")
okay, i'm forcing myself to stop talking about modest mouse. literally. *slaps hand* you're done with them, katie, go on to number one...

and.... *drum roll*

1. nirvana - yes, i love nirvana. since the moment i heard them and forever after. the music. it always comes back to the music, lyrics really don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. a good song should make you feel the same way whether played with the lyrics or not. and nirvana songs do that for me. definitely. although i think one aspect of throwing kurt cobains amazing voice into it is the passion he brings to the songs (eg. "where did you sleep last night", originally a leadbelly song). screaming some words, and even if you don't know what he's saying it doesn't matter because he is passionate about it. he shows emotion like only the greatest musicians and singers can.

so that's my revised list. i feel much better about it even though i could have probably wrote an essay on each band siting many more songs as examples of what i mean.... but seriously. they would be essays. so now i'm done. and i hope everyone decides to take this thread as seriously as zepp has. i would really love to read your reasons for loving some of the bands you do.

okay, done now.

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Face to Face
New Found Glory
Sum 41

Thats in no particular order

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system of a down
darkside- local band
linkin park

this is in no order
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*rubs hands together*

oh how i love these kind of threads..... *ahem* anyway....

5. King Crimson - ok well im really into them right now... mainly their stuf from 73 and 74... A looong time ago i was heavily into their first couple albums and they were one of my favorites back then because of that materiel, and now ive rediscovered them with albums like "Red" and "Larcs Tounge and Aspic"....
What can i say though.... IMO these guys started industrial rock, all members from Tool have said they were heavily inspired by Crimson and it seems that they were the first (that ive heard at least) to come out and do these moody, dark, switching, bad ass heavy riffs weaved around awesome cello and violin parts with pretty melodic and VERY underrated guitar work... Robert Fripp is the man...

4. Frank Zappa - This was a tough spot heh... I would have said maybe Gentle Giant or some progressive rock group (a genre which i am into a lot), but as a single musician, i dont think anyone is cooler than frank.... His best work is overooked by the common fan IMO by some of his more 'silly' stuff.... even though the music is usually always crazy...
But the reason he is one of my favorites is greatly due to several crucial albums for me that i probably coudnt go without.... His writing style has to be my favorite ever i think... Its just undescribable really, but Hot Rats Waka Jawakka The Grand Wazoo and King Kong (which is actually a jean luc ponty album with songs composed by zappa) are four of the coolest sounding jazz/funk/rock/bad ass records ever... I still cant find Waka Jawaka anywhere though...
Anyway, i think he has one of my favorite quotes that was something like "I couldnt get an orchestra so i joined a rock group"

3. Mahavishnu Orchestra *drooool* simply the best jazz fusion ive ever heard... sweet lord this stuff is intense... and Billy Cobham *ejaculates*... IMO the best drummer in the world heh...

A lot of fusion at the time, when jazz actually starting turning into fusion (a term which is looked down upon in some places... i just use it for convenience sake) was not that accessible to people... It had structre, but was hard to catch onto... basically hard to get into, it was like a frenzy, intense as hell but stuff like 'bitches brew' from Miles Davis or 'emergency' by Tony Williams could get scattered... and really its sort of fitting that John Mclaughlin from Mahavishnu played on BOTH of those albums...
But when he got together and formed Mahavishnu it was the perfect blend of things... While the music they made was still seemingly sparatic, intense ect. ect. all of a sudden you can EASILY get into it because the changes in texture, tone, melody, rhythm, were almost more pernounced... and each section was just awesome and blended so it was almost like you werent listening to jazz.. i dont listen to mahavishnu and thing "yea this is jazz" basically.. IMO it transcends that...
While the original band only had 3 studio albums (Inner mounting flame, Birds of fire, and trident sessions) They were just good enough as a whole, to turn me on in the right way...

2. Led Zeppelin - hah alright, well they are in here basicaly because they got me into music... the first band that really 'touched me' so to speak... that made me buy massive amounts of bootlegs and want to hear every single song of theirs and have all video footage ever recorded they had heh...
So it was that kind of obsession thing... i had never heard music like it before (this was back in.... well 4th grade i think... so naturally i hadnt heard a lot heh) and as a whole, considering every studio album they released, there is not one song that i dont like.... There are only... i think two that i dont ------- love... no wait only one... "Hot Dog".... just because it took me more than one listen to get into.

Anyway... They arent my current favorite band, but ive been with them the longest... and in my early days when i first started playing guitar had a lot of effect on me... I could probably write a huge essay about them... so here i wont actually delve into the specific songs or albums... ill just say i love it all.

Phish - Well right now they are probably my favorite band... like with zeppelin, there isnt one song of theirs i dont love... Except maybe a big factor with these guys, is i have seen them live on more than one occasion... So i have that whole experience with me, which is on another level probably... Still, their studio work blows me away... I just sit back and think "Holy ----.... this was made in the 90s...."
They are so often compared to the Grateful Dead, which is pretty much bull ---- IMO... Musically they are nothing like the dead i would say... there are just too many elements that differ to put them together... What they do share are the long jams, and the fan base, but Phish is musically much more together i think... And songwise, its like a blend of all the best... so much variety within one band that it still blows my mind...
Again, im on a quest to hear every Phish song out there hah, and it will be hard because they have so many songs that have never been released on any album... Still i feel like if i dont hear them i will be missing out on something special... I just genuinly love the music these guys make...

...... *phew* ... damn i left out Bela Fleck and the Flecktones... picking 5 is so hard heh... I might say that this thread is worthy of MO... and yea.. sorry i cant restrain myself in these threads

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5. Cryptopsy -tied with- Vision of Disorder
4. Corrosion of Conformity
3. Pantera
2. In Flames
1. Dark Tranquillity
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zepp, i wanted badly to put it in m.o. but i thought i would end up with just a bunch of lists and no explaination of why and get thrown here like a rotten potatoe and then die... so i put it in chit chat right away and didn't even put explanations in mine. maybe i'll go back and do that now. and then if it does become more serious maybe some mod will throw it over to m.o. like a mmm... tasty cupcake maybe? hehehe.

*runs to edit top five*
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5. Megadeth

Yay Dave Mustaine.

4. Pantera

Nothing much to say here. Some excellent riffs...

3. The Beatles

I Am The Walrus r0x.

2. Nirvana

While I think that Smells Like Teen Spirit sucks, there's no denying that Lithium, All Apologies, About A Girl etc. are some of the ebst rock songs ever made. Also, that cover of Where Did You Sleep Last Night is AMAZING. Kurt Cobain's abilitity to put such emotion into his vocals was amazing.

1. Metallica

A band that succeeds in everything while experimenting heavily...I love em....they're the big faves for me
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I guess my tastes are all over the map, but they're mostly centered on England. (hee hee... bad joke)

-Oasis (yes, I actually like these guys. so there)
-Gorillaz (technically a band, I guess)

Okay, I lied. They're all British!
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Hmmmm, another one of these.....although with some people putting some info and reasons why they like the band....ok, i'll try to put words to why l like certain bands.

5. Mr Bungle: What can l say, Mike is such a great vocalist and they aren't afraid to experiment with their sounds. I have them around for when l want to listen to something different.

4. Garbage: Ok, l admit it. I was transfixed by Shirlys legs in 'i'm only happy when it rains' ....but since then l have purchased their first two albums and enjoyed what l have heard. Not overly heavy but then again not overly soft either, something to relax to after work .

3. Pantera: I always have one of their CD's handy for those moments when l realy need to get some aggresion out. I have seen them a few times live, best live concert l have been to yet....they realy know how to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Great stuff

2. Faith no more: Unfortunatly l managed to miss seeing them live each and every time they came here, needless to say l wasn't impressed. Once again, Mike's vocals are great, they are willing to experiment a bit with their sound. Some how they did so well for a group of people who didn't realy like each other all that much.

1. Iron Maiden: What can l say, l have been listening to them for so long....[around 17 to 18 years]....that they have been a large part of my life. Bruce's vocals are great, Nico's a nutter, Dave, Adrian & Yanic are great guitarists and Steve has been the driving force behind the band. When Adrian left after Seventh Son of a Seventh Son l felt that they lost something in their music....l didn't realy like their stuff after that as much as the previous albums, they weren't bad just not as good. But when Bruce left and was replaced by Blaze l stoped buying their albums, l listened to them when one of my friends bought it and l was had lost it's appeal to me. When l heard that Bruce was back with the band l was rather pleased.....after later hearing that Adrian was back l was very happy, not to mention suprised to hear they kept Yanic....then l was intruiged as to how they would pull off the 3 guitar thing. I got their latest album 'Brave New World' and after the first note l had a grin on my face from ear to ear....they were back .

Other honerable mentions go out to Anthrax, Slayer, old Metallica, Sepultura, Frenzal Rhomb and many others l can't think of off the top of my head.
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In no particular order......

Nine Inch Nails
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Beatles

Plus, i'll be a rebel and add one more... Tool

In fact i'm sure i like other bands better than the one's i have listed but these are the one's i found on top of my closest cd stacker...
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Mr Bungle: What can l say, Mike is such a great vocalist and they aren't afraid to experiment with their sounds. I have them around for when l want to listen to something different.

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As for stuff I'm constantly listening to...

5. Metallica: I have a soft spot for their older stuff...I always wanted to be a guitarist, but I have no musical talent. Those that can play guitar wring major points from me. Its like they know real magic. One song I simply cannot listen to in the dark is the one about the devil crawling across the floor...::shudders::

4. Everclear: Aaah, angsty childhood. Its wonderful they get through to and touch so many kids who have it rough, myself included. "Father of Mine" reached down and played my heartstrings as easily as they pluck out guitar riffs. My one complaint with them is that the majority of their songs are too angsty for everyday listening.

3. Southern Hills Cooperative: Zepp Meister, man, you should've seen this coming.

2. Malice Mizer: ALWAYS on my playlist. Blending elements of the BGMs from old Italian horror flicks and Indies/Goth/Punk rock in such a unique way that I can really only say when asked what they sound like, "They sound like...well, Malice Mizer." Definitely preferred the days with Gackt as their vocalist (and I think that his work has taken an extreme turn towards more mainstream type music since he left) and before Kami died. Its not the same, but I admire their detirmination to keep going.

1. Beatles: No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I can listen to them. There's a Beatles song for every mood I've ever had, period. I was raised on them, I loved them before I knew them and just recently the true Beatles maniac inside of me has burst out. Belting the lyrics of "Yellow Submarine" or "I Am the Walrus" on my way to class gets me plenty of strange looks, but I can't help loving it. When someone puts their music down, I always say, "Without the Beatles, there wouldn't have been the Monkees (or however you spell that...yuck), and without THEM there never would've been your crapband, 'Nsuck. " Yeah...anyway.
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hehe, top 5 huh, okay:

5. Drowning Pool- these guys really rock. They are a very good band with the awesome hit of "Bodies." This is only part of their CD, and actually it is probably my least favorate song off their debut album. An excellent new band with lots of talent.

4. Korn- truly a revolutionary band that kept rock alive. They are an excellent band with 4 great albums. I always listen to them, and they have a very unique sound.

3. Pantera- the Cowboys from Hell. The originators in Texas power metal. These guys are incredible and loud on their cds, but have to be seen live to gather the whole feeling. Truly a powerful band with 6 excellent albums. The hardcore originators. While Poison and Motley Crue reigned with big hair, theser guys cranked power cords and belted out lyrics that came straight from the fires of hell.

2. Slipknot- a stage show that has to be witnessed live to be comprehended. You sit there and simply say...Holy ----!!. These guys are truly impressive. They are excellent at what they do. They are controversal, and relish in their punch you in the face message. 2 awesome albums...a definite must own on both of those bad boys.

1. Metallica- the grand-daddy of all modern day hard rock and heavy metal. Listen to what these new bands all listened too, they all listened to Metallica. An incredible band that has been makin incredible tunes for 19 years now. With 9 massive albuyms that have all gone multi-platnum...its hard to even question their greatness. I would have to say by far and away the best musicians in modern day music. Their talent is breath-taking, and with abilities to play all kinds of music. I mean when Carlos Santana personally requests to play with their know somethings right. An amazing band that I can not say enough good things about. They are great to their fans...and I mean their real fans. If you hate them cause of Napster, well then you liked them for their free music and never were a true fan. They put out an album that I will buy without even listening to, because I know I will maybe dislike 1-2 songs at most. They simply are the best rock/metal band out there.
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