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Talking The Cast of Bleach Discuss the Outlook for 2013

Ichigo: Hello viewers. As per our custom, we like to get cast members together from time to time and discuss the important issues of the day.

Orihime: La, la, la. Hey! My two pinkies look the same!

Ichigo: And today we are joined by a special guest. I think everyone remembers Tatsuki Arisawa.

Tatsuki: How could anyone forget me? Iím in at least one episode a season. Seriously, Iím surprised you remembered my name.

Ichigo: With the new year coming up, the question for tonight is: What should we expect in world events for 2013?

Renji: Parties!

Ichigo: No, seriously.

Renji: Serious parties!

Ichigo: No, I mean world events.

Chad: Beer. Serious beer.

Renji: Serious beer parties.

Uryu: There you have it. A world-wide jump in beer sales.

Ichigo: Come on, people. What about the threat of terrorism? The EU monetary crises? Global warming?

Renji: What about Ichigo getting booorrrrringggg?

Ichigo: Orihime, do you have any thoughts?

Orihime: Uh, whatís that?

Ichigo: Rukia, do you have anything to say?

Rukia: Other than Orihime is an airhead whoís only worried about how to get laid by some guy whose name she doesnít even know?

Orihime: Why would I worry about that? Itís never been a problem.

Ichigo: Tatsuki, what do you look forward to in 2013?

Tatsuki: Oh, my usual five minutes on Bleach after which I wonder what the hell happened to my acting career.

Renji: Right! We get to look forward to more royalty checks!

Chad: Serious royalty checks!

Uryu: Hey, anybody elseís contract coming up? Iím looking for a big increase in salary when we renegotiate.

Renji: I just let my agent worry about that. Thatís what I pay him for.

Tatsuki: Gee, I am much better off than any of you. I automatically get paid scale. So thanks for bringing up the subject.

Uryu: Ooooo. Someone sounds bitter.

Tatsuki: Yeah, well f--- you.

Orihime: Hee, hee. Uryu and Tatsuki are going to. . . .

Tatsuki: Shut up, skank.

Orihime: Skank? Is that like some foreign word for skunk?

Rukia: Just drop it, pinhead.

Orihime: I donít think I smell. Why am I a skank, skunk?

Ichigo: And thatís all the time we have for today. Join us when we return to discuss the burning issues of the day.

Tatsuki: Yeah, well f--- all of you.

Orihime: Oooo! Party time! Party time!

Rukia: Shut up, Orihime.

Renji: Serious beer time!

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