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I've been drawing since I was 12, but started at manga just after my 15th birthday, and now I'm 16..
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I started drawing manga when I was in 6th grade, when I was 11.

I'm 15 now and I draw like crazy. Everyday I sketch something new. I'm also working on a manga right now, White Wallpaper, which I've been really devoting myself too.

see you space cowboys.
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Originally posted by jackal
My god..... I'm such an old man around here

*wonders how old SamIam is lol*

Well I've been drawing longer than I can remember (I got old scribbles of things I never remembered drawing from when I was about 2 years old) and I am now....... 24

I would have started drawing comics/manga when I was in grade 5 so about 11 years old (which was when I started buying comics).

The oldest comic/manga I have that's still around in good condition was done in '92 and I drew it for 3 years and it went for over 350 pages and as usual for a beginner, the main story was nowhere to be found until about page 250.

If you search around fanarts, some people posted up their od stuff before but mine were a little small and hard to see.

So if anyone is interested in seeing old stuff, let me know and I'll post some of it up

I have been doodling since I can remember ... lets see mmmm ....

... that was ages ago ... literally.

Suffice it to say that ... I was with Elrond on that fateful day when Sauron fell...

I charged into the very jaws of death ... towering above us ... 20 feet of titanic primordial evil ... wading through our battleline as if we were little children ... each deadly sweep of his mace killed a hundred men outright ... wounding dozens more.

... yet like determined moths to the forrest fire, our bravest charged in with no hope but to smother the invincible giant under a tide of blood and courage.

Five thousand died in that first wave.

I was in the second wave, shield wall spearpoint to our advancing wedge, when fate stepped in ...

While charging with the battle cry on my lips, I slipped in the muck ... falling into a vile mixture of earth and the entrails ... and as I lay there, stunned, I felt the blistering heat and shock wave of his mace as it screamed through the spot that I had occupied but moments before ... my comrades ... tragic souls for whom fate had not favored ... lay littered on the ground around me ... broken and mangled rag dolls with the rictus of fear and despair etched into their faces.

... ahhh but my mind wanders ... ignore the prattling of an old el ... ah... elderly gentleman.

Sam the moldy : )

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I've been into anime since I was 3 or 4, and I started copying Disney characters when I was about 5 or 6. Then when I was about 12, I was reexposed to anime, and I started drawing for my little brainchild story, which didn't get extremely far.... I haven't been practicing much, though.. I'm just too lazy, which is a shame, since this little brain of mine keeps churning out ideas. I oughtta hire somebody...

What was the other ques... oh, I'll be 16 in November.
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When I was 12 or so (6th grade or somehwere around there) I just self taught myself to draw. I was doing a manga style at the time, but as I was into american comics at the time, I had a strong western style. I'm 21 right now and am trying to relearn everything to the manga style again. I feel it's more flexible as a style over the americanized art---but that's just MHO.
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i started when i was bout 11 or so.........pokemon i believe ^_^ LOL then went silent for a few years n now making a huge comeback in the last several months ! 1 perfect sketch every couple of days or so......... im 18 nowz ! so i appreciate anime more than before !
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