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what other forums/messageboards do you post on?

What other forums do you post on? There are a lot of forums that I post on but these are the ones I am on frequently:

-Shoujo-Ai Forums
-Shoujo-ai Goddess Heavens
-Hentai forum
Jessica [aka Whitewolf]

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this has been done over and over again, but here goes;

-Christian Anime Alliance
-Counter-Mapping Forum
-LorentzTheory <- my website
-MegaTokyo Forum
-MegaTokyo Linux Forum
-Tamarket Forum
-YaBB Forum

a lot huh? yahoo groups don't count though
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The Other Side...And that's it... I'm a mod there as a favor to my friend Brandon, the admin. ^_^
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This is my first and probably last experience with a messageboard/forum.
I vist two sites regularly, animeboards and hotmail, I have no time for the internet unless it's for study.
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Likkle Baer
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I hang here and there when the mood takes me...

I'm a mega mod on the xbox-emulation forums
And there shall be a river of blood...a thousand years of weeping will not wash away the pain.
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i got banned from all forums i posted on except this i only post here
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Anybody visit any non-anime forums?
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I'm a big poster on And at some local newspaper forum. Occasionaly I post on too.
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AnimeNation is the only other forum I post at. My username is the same there as well. I also infrequently browse through firearms forums.
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I sometimes post ot my importer's forum from time to time. Considering the hardcore demographic of a forum frequented by people who import games, AB still has a better gaming forum!
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I'm a mod/Admin on the message boards of, same username.
I occasionally read/post on the AnimeNation boards, same username.
I post site updates to a MB that I share with two other ecchi webmasters, but don't do much else there.

There are one or two others that I might visit once every 2 months or so, and I don't even remember their names. I'm too busy to spread myself out on countless net forums covering the same topics.
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I used to be a frequent poster on Anime Nation, but I haven't posted a whole lot in the last few months because I feel that the entire board is going down in terms of quality.

I'm on ANime on DVD infrequently and post very little, but there's alot of good discussion going on with little spam. Good place for me to be a lurker.

The other 2-message boards I go on are private and anime-related.
#1 Inuyasha fan. :D
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Meh, I hang out at Shadow of a Hedgehog under the name of Miyuki, but that's about it. I hardly go to forums...
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The only other forum i post at is:

- Sephiroth's Followers Forums...

Once apon a time i posted a many more boards... but now most ahve been closed...

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"The Poet's Sanctuary" forum and the message board for the Reservoir Dogs clan (gaming clan I'm in)
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