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well this isnt really anime but i spent a long time on it withoout finishing it so i might as well use it someway

well soon as it is a work in progress could ya post opinions on it for me
sorry for the length

A shadowy figure dashed across the path to the tavern, the knife in his hand glittered in the moonlight. He opened the door and moved into the main room, he climbed the stairs and opened a door silently and walked through to find the tip of a sword at his throat, his eyes showed fear and he turned to run but a sharp word held him in place with invisible bonds which he was straining against but to no avail, he was all but still except for his eyes which were moving around wildly in his head. “Shall I kill him?” asked the soldier pressing the sword harder to the mans throat. “No, we will need him for information” said a soft voice. “Yes master,” said the soldier in a servile voice looking disappointed at missing out on a chance of killing somebody.With a wave of his hand and a spoken word the young man released the muscles of the assassins head so he could talk. “What is your mission assassin?” asked the young man dressed in robes. “To kill you mage” spat the assassin. “Who sent you?” He asked “Your worst nightmare you puny wizard no one can stop my master NO ONE!” The man laughed with maniacal glee “Master, help your loyal servant” he shouted to the thin air. The young man instantly felt power circulate in the air and at the same time the lamps in the room dimmed and the warrior looked around the room nervously, suddenly the assassin broke free of his enchanted prison and leapt for the wizard but the soldier was quicker his sword was a blur of motion as he cut for the creatures throat but only staggered it “Out of the way Liam” he commanded “this is not for your sword” the assassin moved forward with an unholy gleam in his eyes as he closed the gap between him and the mage. The sound of chanting could be heard in the unnaturally silent room, the mage threw out his arms and gouts of green-white flame leaped out of his fingertips and covered the assassin, who opened his mouth in a silent scream of pain and terror as he walked around the room on fire. He started for the window in an attempted for escape but the mage chanted again and the assassin disintegrated in a blinding flash. Liam ran to his masters side as soon as the light went back to normal “What was that?” he asked panting from the horror he saw. “I don’t know Liam I’ll have to confer with masters at the Spire” he replied with utter disbelief in his voice. What have Liam and me walked into...........

“He destroyed my creation!” a man in a black cloak screamed in rage as he stalked around the room with an aura of dark power about him. “That assassin took a lot of energy to create and for what?” He shouted at the assorted commanders arrayed before him, all looking for a way to escape his wrath. “You had the perfect opportunity to take out one of the most powerful magi in all the land and your perfect assassin failed” he raged pointing his finger at the commander who was sitting in the middle of the group “even with my help he failed, Tomas is more powerful than I counted on and I will have to rethink my strategy of attack on him” he gazed to in all in the room “do not fail me again if you do then you will wish for death!” With statement he was gone and he left the commanders in their fear.

Liam and Tomas rode up to Wizards Spire, the building was dark and foreboding yet held a certain beauty that left most people stunned but Tomas was not as his mind was on the meeting he would have with the masters over the attack. The actual spire was created centuries ago by wizards who brought the stones up from the core of the world. When they entered the Spire, stable hands ran up and took their horses to the stables while Tomas and Liam climbed the stairs to the main assembly hall of the mages. It was very unusual to have a meeting at this stage in the year. “Welcome Tomas to Wizards Spire what is the purpose of this meeting?” Asked the senior of the masters and head of the committee. “On our way north we stopped at a tavern for the night,” he finished relating his story after a few minutes and he stopped talking. After a few moments of talking between themselves the senior of the masters turned to Tomas “This information is nothing new to us, in the past few months ten apprentices have been killed by beings such as the one you have describe and their corpses have been drained dry. There have also been rumors of dark armies massing for an attack in the Tiger-eye province in the north, magical power has also been swirling around the province like a hurricane and any apprentice or low ranking mage going close to it goes insane” he said in a soft voice with a strange tone to it. “What have you done about it?” Tomas asked “We have alerted the King and we have sent three high ranking wizards to observe the power” he replied “Tomas we want you to find out the source of this power and destroy it utterly” he ordered. Liam moved forward to speak “You to Liam you are to protect Tomas at all costs, I’ve already arranged that with the King” he said seeing him raise complaint. “How many other men am I getting” Tomas inquired “You will get twenty other men to accompany you on the mission, you can stay overnight to supply and refresh your magic.” Tomas and Liam bowed and moved to their rooms.........

The morning came and the party rode out of the gates and headed north along the main rode toward Tiger-eye. The journey would take a week and a half of easy riding, but the purpose of their mission hung over their heads like a dark cloud. At the end of the first night they camped at a river and it started to rain, it put an even bigger gloom over the mission. The second day as they rode on a bloodcurdling scream rent the air, even the battle hardened soldiers jumped and reached for their swords “What was that?” asked an obviously shaken sergeant “I don’t know but we will find out” Tomas said and spurred his horse towards the sound and Liam followed close behind. The sound had come from the behind the brush and Tomas burst through it at a full gallop and came upon a sight that horrified him. A creature of some sort was feasting on the fresh body of person that it killed, there was blood and other parts strewn about the clearing. It raised its head and Tomas could see the blood dripping off its fangs. Liam swung at it with his sword it cleaved and the thing howled more in rage than in pain it lashed out with a taloned hand and caught Liams horse and felled it. Liam didn’t get up and Tomas thought he was dead he was furious at the creature for killing a good companion he launched a powerful spell of destruction on him, now the creature did howl in pain as he started to burn and smoke. Power flooded through his voice as he spoke “Begone creature not of this plane begone!” A spell flew towards the creature and it disappeared in a blinding flash of light. He walked over to Liam to say good bye to a friend but as he reached him he sat up with his eyes a bit groggy. “What was that?” he asked “It was a creature summoned from a different plane of existence” Tomas replied with a shudder the battle had taken a lot of his magical strength and he would have to rest “It takes a skilled wizard to bring it into this plane and to keep control of it” he continued “ this person or thing we face is very powerful indeed” he said with a shudder of fear this time.......

The company rode along the road ears and eyes alert for any disturbance at all after the attack in the clearing, they had been riding a long time when they came across a small village, the in habitants were no where to be seen. They rode along the eerily quiet streets everyone with their hands on their swords and in the case of Tomas an incantation on the lips. Coming to the center of town they were confronted by a group of peasants bearing crude weapons such as clubs and crudgels, “Halt”, the apparent leader yelled “What is your business in the village?” he demanded in an imperious voice “We are just passing through on our way to Tiger-eye by the order of the King, and the Wizards Council stand aside and let us be on our way” Liam responded in his best commanders voice “ And what will you do if we don’t stand aside” the man sneered in contempt “We will go through you and your pitiful ‘militia’” Liam threatened in his most quiet and deadly voice and the peasants around the man started to look a little unsure about themselves when a voice burst in from one of the buildings nearby “What are you fools doing?! Cant you see they are going to Tiger-eye to sort out the trouble that has been plauging us” he screamed in a petrified voice ‘if they succeed it could be an end to all the horrors” he added sounding hopeful “What horrors?” inquired Tomas silent up until now “Well at night there are blood chilling cries of animals never seen in these parts for as long as this settlement has been here and thats been well nigh of a century or so and every coupla weeks a person goes missing and is never heard of again, well except for the kid that we found in a ditch about two weeks ago” he said thoughtfully. “Can we talk to him wise sir?” asked Tomas eagerly “well ya can certainly try young master but you wont get anything because he hasn’t spoken a word since we found and he screams at the slightest loud noise but you can try........”

The old man led them through the streets of the small village to nearly the outskirts of it, after walking for about five minutes the came to a small ramshackle old hut. The old man knocked on the door “What do you want?” came a frightened female voice from the other side of the door. “It’s only Jamiel, there are some travelers that want to talk with your son” said the old man with the most soothing voice he could manage “Well it wont help them he doesn’t talk at all you know that Jamiel” she answered with a hint of anger in her voice “and I wont let anyone scare him with the noise he has been having bad dreams and doesn’t sleep and he doesn’t eat and he is getting weak I fear he wont long be in this world” the woman continued with a great sigh of sadness. “Please kind miss let us talk to him we wont disturb him and I might be able to help with his condition” Tomas said with all the sincerity he could muster “Well I suppose you could talk to him if you don’t hurt him” came her voice through the door. The wooden door opened slowly and the three men stepped into the hut and at first they couldn’t see a thing because of the gloom and then there eyes adjusted to it and the saw a small woman sitting in a chair a small boy that could not be over the age of twelve and you see that he was not well. “Is this your son maam” Tomas asked “yes it is” she said softly “Could you please put him on the couch and step away the less interference for the spell the better” he told her “Spell?!” she exclaimed “Yes, his illness is not natural I have to find the disturbance. Miss what is his name?” he asked “did you also lose anyone else at the same time” Tomas probed “his father was with him when he was attacked by those things” she said with a catch in her voice “Jimmy is his name”. Tomas walked over to the couch where the young boy was sleeping and shook his shoulder and called “Jimmy” the boy awoke after a few shakes and looked up at the mage with fear in his eyes “Don’t worry Jimmy I am here to help you” he crooned in a soft voice he turned to the people in the room “No matter what happens do not touch me or the boy it could be a disaster if you do” Tomas warned and all the people nodded the mother with worry in her eyes. He turned back to the boy and rested his finger tips on the boys temples and started chanting and after that his mind was transported into the horrible memories of the boy.......

He found himself on a well used road on the way to the garrison of Tiger-eye, he was sitting in a rickety wagon next to his father and they were talking and laughing when the heard a noise from around the bend in the road, it was a sound that did not belong and his father whipped the horse to go faster because around the bend was the garrison. When they got around the bend the saw a sight that horrified them to their core they started praying for what they saw was the garrison under assault be creatures that were to horrible to describe. It was near the end of the battle and the humans had no chance fully half of the monsters were feeding and his father was gagging, when suddenly three of the brutes noticed them and came towards them with frightening speed his father told him to go hide so he slid down the back of the wagon and went to the ditch that was beside the road and looked for his father. The monsters by that time had reached the wagon and had surrounded his father who was trying to hold them off with a log. One of the monsters grabbed the log and snapped it while the others dove in and seized his father with the talons and ripped him apart his blood was everywhere and he screamed and lost consciousness.

When he awoke he was looking at Liams concerned face “Are you all right” Liam asked concern in his voice “Yes I am fine how is the boy” he said standing up and stretching “His fine and guess what” he replied with a glitter of playfulness in his eyes “What?” he said fearing the worst “The boy is talking again and the mother is so happy she looks like she will burst” he replied slapping his master on the back. “Well at least we brought happiness to one family” Tomas said. He walked over to Jamiel “how far is it to the garrison from here wise one” he asked “well it is about three miles or so” Jamiel said without having to think about it “Liam do you think we can make it before nightfall” he queried his stout companion “Yes, we will make it easily” he replied thoughtfully “but why do you want to go there?” he asked sounding confused “To look for survivors, they hit there and wiped it out in aboot an hour” he said with a chilling voice “but there were two thousand stationed there and that fortress could hold out for about a year” Liam protested looking slightly sick “ well its gone now” said Tomas. “Jamiel can we have some fresh supplies to see us through” Tomas requested “Anything for the man that cured the boy” Jamiel sighed in awe “I will go and fetch the supplies now” he got up and left the hut and Tomas turned to Jimmy “Are you okay?” Tomas asked in the silence. “Yes sir and I thank you for my life and if there is anything I can ever do for you just ask” Jimmy offered in a solemn fashion “I will Jimmy” Tomas accepted this with an handshake. He stood up, turned and walked out the door with Liam trailing him.

“All the supplies you requested are with your troops Lord Tomas” reported Jamiel “you can leave whenever you are ready.”
“Thankyou Jamiel we will leave now for the garrison and thank you for your hospitality” Tomas said warmly. He gestured to Liam and the company moved down the road towards the garrison.

“Party halt” shouted Liam from the head of the line “Amiel get up here now!” A soldier from the back of the line came forward. He was a short wiry man with sharp blue eyes, those orbs didn’t miss much and that made him one of the best archers and trackers in the world. “Yes Captain” he said saluting. “What animal made those tracks Amiel?” Liam asked pointing to the marks on the road. Amiel dismounted and crouched down next to the tracks and put his face about an inch from them, he spent five minutes looking at them from every angle stood and faced Liam “Sir those tracks came from no animal I know of, but it came from a bi-pedal creature with four talons on each foot, and if I had to guess it weighed about two hundred pounds” he reported with calm professionalism. “Which way did it go?” asked Liam with a nervous glance around. “ Well if I had to guess it went down that side trail” pointing towards an overgrown trail. Liam rode back down the column to where Tomas rode “ We have found tracks Amiel says that they go down that trail, do we follow?” inquired Liam “Yes Liam I think we will, it is time for us to strike fear in the enemy for a change and if you notice that trail leads to the garrison” he confirmed with a slight smile on his lips “tell the men to be ready for anything” Tomas warned. Liam rode down the column telling the men they were following the tracks as he did so the confidence of the men lifted to know they were going on the attack.

They rode down the trail in total silence only the hoofbeats of their horses and the clinking of chain mail could be heard. Swords were held at the ready and arrows were nocked in bows, everyone was ready for them so when the came out of the trail, near the garrison they were ready for the attack when it came. The monsters were waiting for them before the keeps walls all of them were howling in blood lust, saliva was dripping of their fangs and their talons were long enough to make all the men worried. “FIRE” came Liams shout and all the archers let loose their arrows and several of the creatures dropped but the were many more, maybe a regiment and they came running down the hill, running at impossibly fast speeds when they reached twenty meters away the slammed into an invisible barrier. “CHARGE” came Liams command and his war-horse leapt forward in a sprint, the other riders fanned out behind him as he reached his first victim, with strong over hand blows he sliced off the head of it and green blood spurted out of its neck “They bleed” he shouted with a maniacal laugh fully controlled by battle lust he went on to his next engagement as with the other one he over came it with pure skill but others were not so lucky and a few were dragged off their horses and were immediately ripped apart and devoured by them. After a while Liams sword arm was getting tired and he raked on the thigh by talons and he drove his sword deep in to the offenders body and with the hilt slippery with green blood he lost his grip of it and it fell away with the brute and then he saw a big one coming and he thought he was dead when a fireball came from behind him and it caught the monster in the chest and charred him to a cinder. Liam turned and saw Tomas wade into the fray throwing fireballs and other spells of death. The monsters fell away from him in fear but something drove them on to be slaughted. “Liam grab a sword and kill that one up there” Tomas shouted pointing up at the hill were a dark cloaked figure sat on a horse “he is the one controlling them get rid of him and they will run away.” Liam rode towards the figure leaned out of his saddle and grabbed a sword out of a dead soldier hand and silently thanked the man, he continued up the hill and the figure turned to face him and drew a Bastard sword a big hand and a half sword. “Go away or die pitiful human” threatened a grating voice from behind the hood. Liams answer was an over hand slash at the figures head, it easily countered and it return blow knocked Liam off his horse “You cannot win” it kicked its horse lowered his sword to skewer Liam but he ducked and hamstrung the figures horse, it rolled free before it could be trapped “You are better than I thought” before it finished the sentence it went into a quick high-low combination Liam could do nothing but block and didn’t have to return any blows, at a particularly hard strike Liam dodged and then feinted to the figures side, the feint worked the figures sword came around to block it but Liam changed direction of the swing and put his sword through its neck. The figure fell to the ground and dropped his sword to the ground his life blood spurting out and then his body turned to stone encasing Liams sword in his neck. Liam dropped to the ground and lost consciousness.

He awoke with a start, and felt a hand push him back to the ground Liam heard a voice say “Lie still there is nothing to fear they are all gone” Liam turned his head around and saw Tomas sitting down next to him smoking on a pipe. “Why did you let me sleep that long for” Liam demanded “we need to kill the rest of those monsters.” “You needed the rest you foolish man and the rest of the monsters have run off thanks to your efforts” Tomas returned hotly “and it was a good piece of work to and the men will sing your praises for a long time from now” he added more calmly helping Liam to his feet, he surveyed the men moving into the keep. “How many did we lose” inquired Liam dreading the answer “We lost six and four are heavily injured, all round not a bad thing we killed twenty of them at least and drove off the other ones” Tomas tried to put a good face on it but he knew Liam would still be angry at himself. “Come into the keep” he invited “and warm your bones by the hearth” and the pair walked down the scarred hill and into the blackened keep.

At the same time several men were sitting at a table with parchment scattered all over it and they were arguing about which routes to take and the like when a tall man in a dark cloak materialized in front of them, they stopped their bickering and all stood in respect and fear to their lord. “Where is General Vanion?” demanded the man indicating the empty seat at the end of the table. The most senior stepped forward “My Lord we have reports that Vanion took a force down to the old Tiger-eye garrison with intent to fortify it before the Kings forces could use it as a forward base. The same reports say that he ran into a group of twenty regulars of the garrisons of the King and a mage from the Spire,” he paused for breath and for the outburst at the next part of the news “most of his force was destroyed and only ten draconians made it back, and I also regret to inform M Lord that Vanion met his demise upon the sword of one of the regulars” he conclude and stepped back into the line. The dark man turned to a wall and blasted it apart with one word to vent his anger. “Did anyone get a description of the mage?” he inquired with fury barely held in check. “My Lord” one of the others stepped up “One of the draconians heard one of the men call him Tomas” he reported efficiently and then gulped in fear when he saw the mans face contort in hatred and fury “TOMAS” he shrieked “he is better than I thought to get this far.... Marshal” the senior stepped forward again “how long will it take to mobilize the army?” he started business like “The whole army four weeks to mobiles fully” he responded
“Then send a force of about two hundred to take care of the pests at the garrison also send some air support for them..... a flight will do” he added with menace and then promptly vanished. The generals hurriedly left the room and started to move.

“Have the walls been fully fortified yet sergeant?” Liam questioned looking at the walls “Yes sir they could with stand a siege for about a month if it had to and all the supplies in the keep from the garrison are still good so we will have plenty to eat and there is a well in the inner bailey so plenty of water as well” the bulky man accounted for the keeps defenses “Only problems is that there are not that many of us to hold off a serious attack and we have only a few spare swords and none that would suit as a replacement for you sir” he looked apologetically at the huge man.
“ I can take care of that sergeant” came a voice from the stairs behind the two men “You two come with me” Tomas mentioned with one arm as he turned and headed back down the stairs to the main hall, both the men shrugged and followed the mages receding back. After a couple of minutes they came to the high vaulted roofs of the main hall. They saw Tomas sitting in a chair near a block of stone, when Liam got closer he looked harder and was surprised to see that it was the man on the horse “What is he doing here” Liam demanded in horror “ I had to study this strange thing you know” he said with perfect innocence “Well what did you find out about it” Liam asked curiously.
“Absolutely nothing at all” he replied with frustration in his voice “but I did get a sword for you to use’ Tomas said with some hope in his voice pointing to the Bastard sword laying nearby. Liam walked over to it and picked it up, after a moment of finding its balance he swung it around a bit then turned to Tomas quizzically “Tomas this sword is queer” he commented “How so” Tomas inquired with interest sparking in his voice. “Well this is a large sword and should way a ton but it is almost as light as a rapier” he demonstrated this by swinging it almost faster than the eye could see. “Give me the sword Liam” commanded Tomas. Liam handed the sword over a little reluctantly, when he received it Tomas put it on the floor and put both his hands overt it and mumbled a few words of magic and the sword started to glow with a blue radiance. “It is enchanted Liam, this sword must be at least a hundred years old and it is far better than anything made today it may even be Elven in make” he commented with awe “cut that statue in half Liam” he instructed “But it will notch” Liam protested. “Nothing can notch that sword Liam” he said gently and handed the sword back to him. Liam took the huge sword and swung a mighty blow at the statue and cleaved it cleanly in two and all looked on astonished “ Well I’ll be......” Liam broke off seeing Tomas in a trance, he waited for Tomas to come to and when the mage did he spared no glance for Liam and ran straight to the stairs and climbed up to the battle menace. Liam followed as fast as he could, when he got there Tomas was in another trance so Liam had to wait to get the news. He didn’t have to wait long for Tomas’s eyes to come back into focus as he snapped out of the trance with a look of absolute dread and incredulity on his face. “Master whats wrong” Liam asked almost drawing his sword from the look on his masters face “I have been working on a detection ward, I put it about nine days ride away to give advanced warning and it has been tripped by a mass of things and men and something else” he paused to let that sink in “just then I was scrying out the source of this and I came across a force of about two hundred draconians and barbarian men and with them blocking out the sun with wings were gryphon!” he said the last with horror and awe “our enemy must have found a nest of them somewhere and gained mastery of them, Liam get Amiel up here” he ordered with a trembling voice. Liam ran to the inner bailey and called to Amiel to get there now, when he got there Tomas turned to him and said “Amiel ride with all speed possible to the Spire and Waes and inform the council that we need the army and every mage we can lay our hands on to help out, I dont care if you kill your horse doing it just get it through” he ordered in a cold voice “now go and hurry” Amiel ran to the stairs and quickly made his way to the stables and took the fleetest horse and made his way to the gate. “How long do you think it will take them to get here Liam?” inquired Tomas “Well it will take Amiel at least two days to get there and a week for the army to get here (normally this would take at least a month but the army had been gathered for over a month so they dont have to mobilize)” he responded “So nine days well we will have to hold out until they get here.... excuse me I have to set wards” with that he left to prepare. Tomas stood there looking at the horizon and then he left to organize the defense of the keep.

A weary rider approached the gates of the Spire his horse nearly foundering from exhaustion “Who goes there?” came the challenge from the gate guards “Amiel, with a message to the Council from Tomas concerning the situation in Tiger-eye” he answered and the guards saluted him and hurried him to the presence to of the council. “What message do you have for us from Tomas?” asked a slight man with penetrating blue eyes. “Lord Tomas sends an urgent request for aid From the Council he said to ask for every mage you can get your hands on to come to the Tigre-eye garrison or all might be lost” he delivered his message in a haze of fatigue “Why would he need that much help from us” continued the old man with a puzzled frown on his face “Well My Lord before he gave his message I heard him mention gryphon and the enemy has sent a substantial force against us......” he stopped when the Council came alive with people muttering and gasping “Amiel did we hear you properly when you said Gryphon” came a voice from the back “That is what I heard sir” he responded with puzzlement “Amiel you must be tired and need rest please we will provide rooms and food for you” offered the slight mage “I’m sorry sir but I need to go to Waes to get the army” he informed the man “Well why didn’t you say so” chided the mage “I will come with you and it will only take a few moments to get there...... now close your eyes and for no reason open them” Amiel closed his eyes and heard soft chanting of the old man and through his eyelids he saw the room brighten and then fade back to normal. “You can open your eyes now Amiel” he commented dryly, Amiel did so and he gasped for the beauty was stunning. He stood in the throne room of the palace in Waes, for hundreds of years countless kings and queens have decorated and designed the palace and the result was one of the most beautiful places in the world. “We musnt keep the King waiting” the old mans voice broke the spell on Amiel.

As they entered the entire court turned and stared at the pair and gasped in wonder at there appearance from thin air. “Ah, Macros come and tell me your news” called the King with humor tingeing his voice. The King was a large man not fat but powerfully muscled, he was young for a King and he was a powerful warrior and all respected and loved him. “My King the news I have is not good, the force we sent into Tiger-eye is in deadly peril and they will need the army to back them up and I will bring about two hundred mages as well” he paused and gave him the worst of the news “and in the report they have sighted Gryphon” at that statement the Kings jovial face hardened to a cold look “How much of the army should I send” he asked at that Amiel jumped in “Tomas requested nearly all of it” Amiel felt color to his face when the entire court looked at him “Why should I send that many?” the King asked puzzled “surely that they arent that good” Amiel answered as strongly as possible even with being exhausted as he was “The impression we got is that there are thousands of them because there commanders throw them away like a drunkard throws away coins in a tavern” and with that he passed out.

Amiel awoke in a warm bed with a roof above his head, a servant was placing a bowl of something next to his bed, “It is to break your fast My Lord” said the girl, Amiel looked a bit closer and saw that she was a very pretty girl, blonde hair and blue eyes and a figure any man could possibly want, “Please call me Amiel I am no lord” he told her with a smile on his face and in his voice “what time is it?” he asked politely “It is just after sunrise Amiel” she responded “Why thankyou” he got his tunic and boots on and left the room and went in search of Macros. Several enquries later he found the mage in conference with the King the heralds let him in as he approached Macros turned around “Hello my boy are you feeling better?” greeted the mage “Much thankyou Macros” he returned bowing to both of them “May I ask when we leave Sire” he asked with respect, “We are leaving within the hour Amiel” responded the King and Amiel felt honored for the King to remember his name. “The I must go pack” with that he went to the armory and refilled his quiver with arrows and replaced his tattered shield with a new steel one and then went to his room to oil all his gear. This took a better part of an hour and a horn blew meaning it was time to assemble and get to your units. Amiel ran outside and gasped it was staggering to see the long columns of men all separated by their unit classes. Knights, archers, pikeman, infantry, light cavalry and the most stunning was they masses of mages more than had ever been seen in the same place in a hundred years. Amiel swung up on his horse and rode to his place next to Macros and horns blew all down the lines and the one hundred thousand soldiers and two hundred mages started to move with the baggage train made up the end.

“They are getting closer” reported the lookout on top of the highest tower “there are a lot of them” he added gulping in dread. “O.K. everyone when you are fighting also look to the skies the Gryphon can rip you away but while my ward stands they wont penetrate but when it falls look out, we have to hold this keep for two days the ward will hold for one” explained Tomas to the gathered soldiers “it wont be easy but we can do it” they all cheered his brave words but they knew most of them would die on the morrow and they had all said their good byes and had written letters for their loved ones and families “now everyone get some sleep” Tomas ordered them to go. When they had left for their beds he went to the battlements to think when a person came up from behind “What are your thoughts Master” Liam offered to listen without passing judgment “Do you know what is like to condemn innocent men to death, I feel I have done that to everyone of them by staying” he sighed “Nothing to do now but wait” both men stood there silently comforted by each others presence.
When the sun came it was a violet sunrise and very beautiful and they took it as a good omen, then they saw the forces arrayed against them and their hearts fell. When holding a keep they could easily survive ten-to-one odds but it was about twenty-to-one but they had a few catapults and they had Tomas’s magic but they knew it was going to be horrible. It was a tense wait but when the finally charged it was sort of a relief that they could do something.
The barbarians came first running at top speed howling in their awful language when they reached the range of the catapults their operators released their loads and ragged holes appeared in their ranks but still they came and reached the range of bows and the well aimed arrows hit there marks and yet they still came until the hit the ward Tomas had set, unlike the one in the other battle it did just not block it also burned. Battle hardened soldiers had to turn their eyes away but it was no use they could still hear the cries of the men and could smell their roasted flesh. A horn blew from the enemy lines and the men left turned and ran back to their own lines. The men on the walls would have cheered if they were not trying to stop retching from looking at the charred remains that were once men. The enemy were holding a conferance and sent another attack on the walls with the same result and again they withdrew this time they learned you could not break the ward with live men and they started building cataputs of there own. They were building well into the night and when they finished the bombardment started.
They continued hurling rocks at the keep through the night, Tomas could not let his concentration slip for one moment or it would fall but it was being reduced and then the bombardment stopped and everyone was relieved then they charged, it wasnt a large force about twenty troops and they hit the barrier again and all perished, the bombardment started again. “That was only a probe to see if the ward was down” Tomas explained to Liam. It was mid-afternoon and the barrier was starting to contract “Liam I cant hold it much longer get the men ready” he said through clenched teeth. Liam ran along the battlements preparing the troops for the breaching of the ward. At late-afternoon the ward finally broke and the enemy charged.
Liam was prepared for this and so were the men the catapults fired and so did the archers taking their toll but eventually they reached the wall and then it was hand to hand nothing pretty about it but Liam was poetry in motion none of the enemy could touch him and he was killing them left and right it looked as if the battle was swining there way when the Gryphons joined the battle.......
The cries were frightful as they dove after the men a few were taken down with arrows but several of the men were carried away by their claws and talons. Liam was grabbed but he twirled his sword above his head and the gryphon howled and let go of him he looked around and what he saw appaled him, mens torn up bodies littered the keep and also bodies of draconians who got in the way, Liam saw a lightning bolt arc above him and hit a gryphon the part bird creature exploded in a haze of blood and entrails as Tomas started on spells that could probably level mountains, more and more of the gryphons fell from the sky but they defenders had hardly any men left and were being ground up. A sharp pain erupted in Liams side as sword penertrated his mail and sliced his ribs he turened and decapitated the barbarin but fell to his knees as a sword came through his shoulder and the last thing he remembered before passing out was a horn blaring in the distance.

As the army got closer to the keep they could hear the sounds of the battle “Amiel, please come up here” requested the King. Amiel jostled up close to him “I want you to take a troop of two hundred and lend help to those men, and be careful Amiel” the King turned away to confer with one of his advisors. Amiel gathered the soldiers with a few shouted commands and they formed up and rode in the short trail that he had travelled to get there before. When they reached the end of the trail he saw that the gates were open and there were only a few clangs of swords and other noises of battle Amiel gestured to his second in command and he blasted his horn and they charged into the keep and took the enemy totally by surprise and the battle was over the gryphons flying towards the centre of Tiger-eye and not one of the ground force survived. Amiel dismounted from his horse and signalled for his force to do the same “Spread up an search for survivors” he orded them, he ran over to the still form of Liam and checked his vital signs
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hey are you going to draw that whole thing out ^^?

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how do you mean drw it out its not finished yet so i mat post it later
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Holly macarony! That's 7 pages in 10p at Word! Sorry Dark_Avatar, but I'm afraid nobody will read all of that. You should have posted it in smaller episodes. I'll check it out now. Like it this far.

PS: Nice to meat another Tolkien fan. A Elbereth Gilthoniel!

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