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avatar creation related questions (just size rules file/av size & type)

Excuse me if the awnsers have been posted before on the questions that i had but i coulden't find them.

I had some questions about the creation of avatars:

1. there is a maximum file size, if i should go over it, what will happen? will the avatar not show?

2. the avatar has a certain maximum size, if i go over it, what will happen? will the avatar be sqeezed into the maximum size?
And if the avatar is smaller thatn the maximum size, will it be stretched into the maximum size?

3. Does the avatar have to be a jpg file? or can it also be a bmp for example?

I thank you in adavance for your reply
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1. I believe it is 4kb and if you go over it and click ok a page will display saying something like 4kb is the limit and nothing will change.

2. It will not be sqeezed or stretched in any way to accommodate the limits like it does on YaBB.

3. Only gif and jpeg... Do you think you could a make a 48x48 bmp for under 4kb? I don't know, maybe with 256 color.

Peace. V
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