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Cool MillieMilagne is here...Yay!

Hey fellow anime lovers. My name is Millie Milagne. I've loved anime ever since I was first introduced to it back in sixth grade with Akira (An awesomely made, yet oddly gore-filled anime). Then it was onto Dragonball, and the rest is a long-lived and loved history. I probably watch three anime for every one tv show or movie that hits the box office, but what can I say. I go where the action, beautiful music, amazing stories, and ridiculously good animations take me. You can find me video blogging on YouTube @ or you can read my blogs on I talk about the odd things that happen in my life, and often reference anime in some part of both the blogs and vlogs. But I plan to actually create a lot more content that specifically focuses on the video games, manga, and anime that I love. Some of the anime that I would call truly worth watching are:
Dragonball (funny with good story)
Dragonball Z (amazing fights)
Dragonball GT (although this may disappoint some as the story and action change noticeably)
Soul Eater (amazing fights and music and story, but they stopped animating after season 3, even though the manga continued on)
Naruto (awesome story, fights, and music, but too many fillers)
Naruto Shippuden (continuation of Naruto, with better jutsu aka better fights, new plot twists, more great music...and more fillers too )
Bleach (awesome story, fights, and music, but too many fillers, plus they never animated the final arc, which is currently in manga form and almost finished...and super exciting, so read the manga!)
Claymore (great story and fights, but they stopped animating after season 1, even though the manga continued on)
Seirei no Moribito (Amazing animation, great story, and calming music)
Kill la Kill (Animated in a style similar to Gurren Laggan, good story, great fights)
Mirai Nikki (Really interesting plot, well-animated with vibrant coloring, and good music)
Dragonauts (Good story, well-animated, good music, sexy girls)
Inuyasha (great story, good music, great fights)
Pumpkin Scissors (interesting story)
Gurren Laggan (different style of animation, but still good, funny, great fights)
Samurai Champloo (awesome story, fights, music, and vibrant animation)
Cowboy Bebop (great plot, cool animation, great music, awesome fights)
Ronin Warriors (old school favorite, good fights)
Dance in the Vampire Bund
(well-animated, good story)
Chobits (funny story)
Trinity Blood (great plot, music, and fights, vibrant colorful animation, easy to get sucked into after a few episodes)
Death Note (edge of your seat story and plot, with amazing music, and no fighting, well-animated with vibrant coloring, it's all about the back and forth battle of wits, which is too interesting to stop watching)
Blood + (a bit slow at first, but as the season progesses it soon becomes worth watching, good story)
Eureka Seven (great story, cool action, good music)
Full Metal Alchemist (awesome story, with great animation and fights)
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (even better than its predecessor, because it actually follows the manga, everything great about the first one is also great here)
Fate/Stay Night (great story, and animation, awesome fights)
Fate/Stay Zero (great story, even more interesting than Fate/Stay Night because it's more suspenseful, fights are awesome, well-animated)
Ga Rei Zero (awesome story, animation, plot and style)
There's a bunch more I could say to review other anime, but I'll just list out the other recommended names for time sake:
Tiger and Bunny
Psycho Pass
Black Blood Brothers
Deadman Wonderland
Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
Legendary of the Legendary Heroes
(super redundant title)
11 Eyes
Tenjho Tenge
Ergo proxy
Attack on Titan
(have to comment on this one. It seems hopeless at first, but if you can make it past the giants eating people, you should really keep watching, the animation, music, and especially story and action are awesome!! )
Highschool DXD
Blood Lad
Ninja Scroll
Darker Than Black
Blue Exorcist
Persona 4
Fairy Tail
High School of the Dead
Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Legend of Korra (continuation of Avatar with a new avatar...named Korra )
There's a bunch of others I've seen, but I can't even remember them all offhand. There are just too many. Plus, I have to get to work! Looking forward to some awesome discussions guys! Glad to meet all of you!!!
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