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Sketch Dump

I haven't been on AB much for the past few weeks, I'm home from school and while I have more time for art (which I love), I'm on a dial-up connection again (which I hate.)

Here's some new stuff, some comic-related and some not, C&C welcome.

Just Aeka, cheering on my site, AP.

Part of a panel for the comic, I think I may be getting a *little* better at drawing men, just from all the practice.

I don't know who she is, but I like the expression.

I know we have some Excel fans here.......doesn't look much like the character (I didn't have a reference), but overall me likey.

The comic has been taking up most of my drawing energy lately, but hopefully I'll have some more interesting stuff up soon...I want to do more anime and game fanart, I haven't done much of it lately. Any ideas/suggestions???

Thanks guys.
Webcomic of Joy!

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Wow, I really like all of these XD you've improved your proportions a lot too ^_^ sorry if this wasn't helpfull, I need to go sleep now...
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WoW...Great sketch's Yui
My personal fav though is the 3rd one

#1 Is very nice but there is a kinda a akwardness in her face((ie:her lips))but vey nice overall.

#2 i agree with Nefla about your proportions,there's nothing to really comment on here ^_^

#3 as i said before my favorite.from what i see it's perfecto::

#4 dont know nothing about excel saga so i dont know how the character looks but a great pic otherwise.
Overall some very nice pics
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Yes, yes that is indeed a man. *drools*
Hmm. Drool is a really strange word. Drool.

Anyway, I think you're really quite good at drawing poses and bodies and such. I especially like Aeka's hips and legs, it looks really natural and balanced. In fact, all these pics' poses are really well done and 'comfortable-looking', even for someone floating in midair like the excel one ^_^ Wait, maybe she's lying down. Nevermind me.

The only crit i could possibly have is that I think the girl in #3 doesn't really have enough head at the back of her... well, head. Other than that it's a really cool pic, and for some reason i'm really fond of her right elbow ^^ Very strange.

*Wanders off in search of better Woe is my miswordiness.*
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Thanks all ^^. Actually, up until recently I can say with complete confidence that I completely sucked at anatomy. Fortunately, I became aware of my own suckage, and I've been working on it for a while...seems like it may be paying off now, although I still have a long way to go. I have trouble drawing peopel in complicated positions...

here's another one, this is based on an old sketch that I dug out and redrew. I tried to make her pretty, and she came out more tomboyish than anything else, but on the whole I like her.

Webcomic of Joy!
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Ooh, I like her outfit. Really neat.
I like her facial expression aswell.
One thing, the cloth-thingy on her left side kinda bothers me...yeh, I know it's at an angle and therefore it doesn't really show anything except the edge, but I still feel there should be a little bit of the cloth visible. Not much, but a little bit so that you see that it's attached to a bigger piece...if that makes any sense >_<
If you don't see it on the upper side, then you should see a little bit on the lower side, between the part already showing and her leg....yeah^^;;;
And you hid the feet, tsk tsk =P
Which I can understand since feet are a menace to draw ^_^

I hope you at least understood some of the jibberish I was saying about the cloth, heh^^
Overall, I think it is a great piece nonetheless, and I think you should be very happy with it.
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nice detailing... like the first two the best.
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