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Cool interesting

cool, I'm the first to post here....^_^

any ways, I saw the anime last night for the first time. I thought it was quite interesting and I was very pleased at how it was dubbed. I don't know about VA's but it seems like everything was left alone(no cutting/editing). They even left in the japanese credits! I didn't mind cuz I don't read them, lol!

so, any thoughts on this series?

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I'm still watching WHR. Up to volume 4 on DVD. So far I've been disappointed with how long it took to develop a story rather than using a 'moster of the week' format. Getting close to the end it has certainly become more interesting but its nothing too major. I want to see how it ends but more out of the practice of finishing what I started as apposed to a genuine want or need.
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I've only watched the entire series once a few months ago. To me, it was an okay series. It started off somewhat slow in my opinion, but picked up on episode 14. From that point, it became interesting enough for me to finish it since the plot was getting better and there was more suspense, but it took a while for that to happen.

As for the dubbing, I thought it was pretty good, but then again, most of the episodes I watched were aired on Cartoon Network.
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OOOK...the series irritated me...terribly. The supposed "love story" doesn't evolve at all and then out of the blue- Amon (who suppposedly hates witches) helps Robin escape...YAY. Whatever. This story would've done better if the characters actually interacted and formed relationships and such. What's sad is that I couldn't stand watching it anymore and so I missed the good stuff near the end.
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I have the first 2 DVDs and I love it. I hate the dubs, but the sub is great. It's very interesting, even if it is a bit slow. I love the music, Amon, and Robin.
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Yup also love the series!!! I wished Robin would let her hair down more often! She looks pretty that way rather than her usual hairstyle!!
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