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Question The Ending?! (SPOILERS)

For those whom watched it all, I was wondering what do you think of Amon's and Robin's chances of surviving the collaspe of the factory? It's hinted at the very end that Robin is in fact alive and well when "she" supposedly arrives at the mansion again. Then where does that leave Amon? His brother seemed pretty assured that Amon made it out of there alive, but if he did, where exactly would he go now that he knows the truth about Robin? Did their relationship strengthen or become more complicated? I want to believe that they are both alive just because Robin is the "Ultimate Witch," but there's no actual proof. What's you guys take on this?
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Well I'd like to think they escaped and went underground. I must say as far as WHR goes it got really good towards the end despite the very slow 'monster of the week' format it started with. Good stuff!
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