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Anime News UK

According to Animejin

Gundam Wing on UK video
A UK video release for Gundam Wing is now being listed as forthcoming by various on-line video retailers. According to the listings, two volumes of 75 minutes each will be release on 10th December priced at 11.99 each. I have been unable to uncover any other details about the release. It is not even known which company is releasing the tapes, although it seems most likely that Bandai is organising it themselves.

Brighton manga conference details
The web page for the manga conference in Brighton that I reported on last time has been located. It is at: Amongst other things, it reveals that the speakers at the conference will be Jonathan Clements, James Swallow, Helen McCarthy, Jim Walker and Tony Luke.

Current UK anime video release schedule
MVM's releases for this month have been put off for a week until the 12th.

All of the following dates are subject to change.

12th November:
Sailor Moon vol. 1 (VT), Sailor Moon vol. 2 (VT), Hurricane Live 2033 (VT), Urusei Yatsura Movie 1 (VD), Bubblegum Crisis vol. 3 (VD) 10th December: Gundam Wing vol. 1 (T), Gundam Wing vol. 2 (T) 27th December: Sailor Moon vol. 3 (VT) Febuary 2002: X (MD) April: Akira (MD)

Evangelion Movie (MB), Virus (MB), Dirty Pair Flash (AD), Ninja Resurection (AD), Slayers (AD), Gunsmith Cats (AD), Samurai X vol. 1 (AD), Burn up W (AD), Sin: The Movie (AD), Samurai X: The Movie (AD), Generator Gawl vol. 1 (AD), Cardcaptors: The Movie (B), Oh My Goddess Movie (VB)

(A)=ADV Films, (K)=Kiseki Films, (M)=Manga Entertainment, (V)=MVM, (T)=VHS tape, (D)=DVD, (B)=Both

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