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The Prophcies of Escaflowne

This is the fic I was working on at the shack. I am starting it over here and I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Prolog The Prophecy

The Prophcies of Escaflowne

When fire reaches across the sky
The three dark lords will shatter the light of Balance
The animals will raise and the dragons shadow will become
Fire will rain destruction on the tainted land as the shadows power grows
When comes the triple eclipse the dragon must extinguish its shadow
At the center of cred or the world shall be swallowed by flame.
Only when the balance is restored shall the dragon renew its shadow
By the blood pact of the winged people

I'll start the story in the next post. Hi to all the shackers and a big Hello to all the boarders here

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Hey Fanilia, I found your fic! YAY! I'll reread it and this time I'll understand it even better and love it even more!!! I hpe you get it all up soon, I'm taking this unfortunate time as a newbie to my advantage to revise mine so it may take a while. I upload it a lot on under Trunks_Gal, "Wings of an Angel," and I'll continue to update in on our animeshack board. Well add soon! Later! ^_^
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I finished, I can't believe it. four months of writing and rewriting. I have some edits left, but that is all. Please review as you read I love hearing from everyone.

Three years after Hitomi has returned home form her adventures in Gaea, dreams start her on a new journey, full of danger and Promice. She is again transported to the land of Dragons, Gaea, but she is different, literly. Can Van save her, or will he be the instrument of her death.

Chapter 1 Dreams of Gaea.


Hitomi is sleeping in her bed. It is a gentle spring night in Tokyo; suddenly her pleasant dream turns to a nightmare. Hitomi looks outward seeing a streak crossing the sky, the streak of a comet. She sees the land far beneath her and feels the night air rushing past. Suddenly the countryside below erupts in blue/green flame. The flame swallows everything, darkness surrounds Hitomi. Next she sees herself kneeling silently awaiting someone. A shrouded swordsman appears raising his sword and plunging it toward Hitomi. Clutching her chest, she sits up in bed, holding back a scream. Tears burn her eyes, as she speaks quietly to no one,

Hitomi: “This was not a vision, I just had a bad dream”

She runs a nervous hand through her long hair. Opens her bedside table drawer she removes a delicate white feather and caresses it across her cheek. Even with the passing of three years Hitomi’s love for the far away Van is still as strong as the day she left Gaea. With a small sigh she thinks, ‘If dreams really do come true we will be together again.’ Holding the feather close she drifts back to sleep.

On the train to school Yukari and Hitomi are excitedly talking about graduation and the future, mostly Yukari’s future.

Yukari: “Amano is coming home and I think he’s going to propose. I thought he would wait till after graduation, but he has seemed so restless lately.”

Hitomi: “Restless how: I though he was on the honor roll at University.”

Yukari: “ He is. It’s honor that is bothering him. He thinks that life today doesn’t have any. He’s done so well in history and he’s tops on the fencing team. Now he wants to learn the ancient art of swordsmanship, can you believe it? He calls it the “noble way of the warrior.”

Hitomi: “ I see”

What Hitomi thinks of though is the first time she saw young Van at the castle in Fanilia taking instruction from Balgus.
Van removes the sword from the sheath at his side and in ceremonial fashing arches it down from his side to the floor. With a turn of his wrist he charges the angle of the blade then raises it over his head. Letting out a primitive cry of death, he charges the unmoving Balgus. Balgus easily deflects the blow "Your not charging aggressively enough Lord"

Yukari: “ Hitomi, are you listening? You know I blame you for this I know Amano longs for the kind of adventures that you told us about on Gaea. Say are you still planning to come to see the comet with us tomorrow night aren’t you.”

Hitomi: “ The comet, I’d almost forgotten (she pauses) I had another of those dreams last night, but it was clearer and I remember more of it.”

Yukari: “Uh?” (Eyes wide and brows raised she isn’t sure if Hatomi was talking to her or if that statement was aimed at Hatomi herself.) “ Tell me about the dream, you know what they say-if you share your dream experience it no longer has any power over you.”

Hitomi: “ Yukari, it was just a dream not a vision!”

Yukari: “I know, I know, but still it couldn’t hurt.”

Hitomi: “ Most of it is still somewhere back in my mind where I just can’t seem to reach it, but I do remember the comet and being high in the sky as if I were flying.”

Yukari: “ That was a bad dream?”

Hitomi: “ Let me finish will you. It felt bad as if there was a power there. The power of destruction and I think someone was going to kill me.”

The train pulls into the station, ending any further conversation as the girls leave and head off to school.

Well that's all some of the chapters are short, but I make up for it later with some really long ones.

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Fanilla that was really good I am so glad you are here to. If you get a chance could you read mine. It is also posted here ( Called Original fan fic by Psyche) and I would love your feed back on it. Say hi Goku for me. I cannot wait for more of your fic.
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Here I am back with the next chapters.
**Authors note: In this story I spell Fanelia Fanilia, It's my own little somthing that I added to give the story my personal touch as that is how I spell it as my name. Silly I know, but my mother told me to always add somthing to your work personal to you, it's like adding a little of your soul.**
Three years of rebuilding Fanilia have been Van's work, day and night, but with the approach of the Firestar, the first joyous occasion since the end of the war, his thoughts travel to the Mystic Moon and the girl there who holds his heart. Will he ever see her again? But dreams have started to trouble his sleep and Van struggles to remember these visits in the night.

Chapter 2 The King of Fanilia


Van had been steadily rebuilding Fanilia for the past three years. He stands ideally looking out his bedroom window at the castle grounds. Fanilia is once again the beautiful green emerald that Princess Millerna described, long ago. Hitomi would be proud of his accomplishments, but she is gone and he still remembered her parting words to him 'Don't forget me Van, I will remember you even when I'm old.' In his mind he sees her rising in the pillar of light he created to send her back home using the energist he removed from Escaflowne. His gaze moves over to the Royal Tomb, the resting place of those he has loved and lost. His father and his brother Folken, the spirit but not the body of his mother and standing silent vigil over them is Escaflowne.

Van: “ Folken my brother Fanilia has become a kinder gentler kingdom, a place that would please your heart.”

Van had found that when he was ill at ease talking to his brother would make him see his problems with a new clarity.

Van: “ I feel it’s been you coming in my dreams, but what are you trying to tell me, why can’t I remember when I wake.”

At that moment Merle comes bursting into Van’s room.

Merle: “ Lord Van!”

Van: “Merle you must really start knocking before you just come in.”

At the downcast look he receives from Merele he adds,

Van: “ OK what is it?”

Merle: “ Her ladyship is here again and with all the trunks she brought I think it’s going to be a long visit.”

Van: “ Now Merle it is important that Ziabach be allowed to rebuild, out help is necessary to hold together the unification of the Alliance. With Dornkirk gone, the descendants of the original rulers are now trying to set things right.”

Merle: “ I know but she acts as if she is already your queen. The support she is receiving from some of your advisors just makes it worse.”

Van: “ I never led anyone to believe Terrial and I had a future together least of all her.”

Merle: “Oh Van, Hitomi is gone and the people want an heir to the throne. (She sighs) I love you, Lord Van, but, I would never be your queen because I know you would never truly be mine, but Terrial, she wants to be a queen, not the Empress of a war defeated country.”

At that comment Van looks directly at Merle and then really looks at her. She reminds him of Eria and Naria. When did she grow up? Merle had changed, her height thou not nearly matching Vans is still a good deal taller than most cats. Her thighs and arms trim and well muscled and her markings deepened top that of an adult Cat folk. Even her choice of clothing has matured, preferring wrap skirts and halters to the simple jumpers of her youth. She is no longer just his companion, but his self appointed body guard.

Merle: “ Lord Van.”

Van: “Yes.”

Merle: “ Her ladyship sends word that she will be joining you at the Firestar feast tonight. Till then she wants you to know she has retired to her rooms.”

Merle executes such and uncouth curtsy that Van can’t help but laugh, Merle joining him.

Merle leaves Van to return to the great hall where she is helping with the preparations for the feast tonight. There is still time before Van must change for the feast. Deciding to take the time at sword practice Van walks over to his bedside where his sword belt and the sword of Fanilia hang. He straps on the sword and before leaving the room looks over the table. On it sits the dragon statute he had crafted after the war. It is the resting place for Escaflowne’s energist. The dragon stands regally a sword in one clawed hand, and in the other he holds the a red energist, under its clawed foot is a second blue green energist, the energist given to him by his mother in the Mystic Valley. He touches the base of the statue at the place where the small hidden drawer contains the pendent that Hatomi gave him when she left Gaea. He leaves his room and heads for the training room.

The night is still young, but the Great Hall is already full of merry makers, as this is Gaea’s first great celebration since the War of Perfect Fortune. Van himself makes a regal king, almost as tall as Folken, with his fathers black hair and dark eyes. He looks out over the crowed celebration, but can’t quite share their enthusiasm for the Firestar’s coming. Something about it has him uneasy. His allies, no his friends have come from neighboring kingdoms for the occasion. Millerna and Dryden (reunited after difficulties following the Ziabach attack on Astoria), Ceid Freid, the child King of the Duchy of Freid. Van noticed that Mr. Mole had arrived with the young kings entourage (he was surely someplace in the lower castle now, digging for treasures). Allen is here with Aries Aston and his quite shy sister Celena (It’s still have a hard to believe that the sweet Celena was once the Demonic Lord Delando, the sorcerers had changed her into with their fate alteration experiments.)

Empress Terrial approaches Van slipping her arm through his and leaning her head against his arm.

Terrial: “ King Van Fanel aren’t you enjoying tonight’s festivities? The view of the Firestar tomorrow night from the castle here in Fanilia will be the best in all of Gaea.”

Van cringes as he is thinking how much she enjoys using his formal title. Maybe Merle was right about her after all.

Van: “ The presence of my friends here and the peace all of Gaea enjoys make the Firestar coming more than special for me.”

Van moves slightly away from the empress to loosen her hold on him. At that moment Allen and his sister disengage from the crowd to approach Van. Celena stares hard at Terrial as if trying to grasp a distant memory. Terrial suddenly excuses herself, leaving to find others to impress, to strengthen her position here in the castle.

Allen: “Lord Van Fanel, King of Fanilia, we are honored to be present with you tonight.”

Van: “Thank you Allen, Knight of Cale. Well now that we have greeted each other formally lets drink together to our friendship and the peace here on Gaea.”

Allen: “ And to our friends not present. (Pause) I see the beautiful Terrial is with you tonight.”

Van: “You of all people should know better, Allen. Are you going to warn me about her the way Merle did earlier.”

Allen: “Maybe you should listen to her Van.”

Allen claps his hand on Van’s shoulder.

Allen: “ Wouldn’t Hitomi have loved to see Fanilia tonight?”

At that moment Celena quietly steps up to Van, lightly lays a hand on his chest and looks up into his deep brown eyes.

Celena: “When fire reaches across the sky, the three dark lords will shatter the light of balance.”

Her hand drops back to her side and she turns silently walking away. Van and Allen exchange puzzled looks and then Allen leaves to follow his sister.

Van knows her has heard that passage before. That and more.

What is the strange message Celena has given to Van, and is there a new woman pushing her way into the kingdom and to Van's side. Merle's right Terrial wants to be Queen, how far will she go to make her wishes come true?

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A very short chapter, but full of meaning.

Chapter 3 Dreams of Folken

Van is flying on Escaflowne in dragon mode he looks up and the Firestar streaks across the night sky. Suddenly blue/green fire erupts in the sky and a green dragon emerges from the center. It's shape the same as Escaflowne, it's chest glows ready to breath fire, but the dragon holds out its clawed hand and the fire shoots upward from it's palm. All goes dim and Van sees Folken standing before him 'Van, my brother, a great prophecy is unfolding, one more dangerous and more full of promise than even the threat from Dornkirk. Search for the Book of Three in the lower vaults. Be guided by your love, Van' Then
white wings burst from Folken's back and he fades away.

Van sits up, he had fallen asleep out by the Royal Tomb, leaning up against Escaflowne. He shakes his head wanting to believe he has had nothing but a bad dream, but from Hitomi he has learned to listen to those things he feels. He feels a sense of urgency, even more now then during the dream.

Van has finaly remembered the dream, but now he must find out it's meaning before it's too late.

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The night of the Comet has arrived in Toyko, and people are gathering outdoors to see the event. Hitomi and her two best friends are among the people out, finding a quiet spot to view it. The shrine next to the school is full of memories for Hitomi, but the view of the comet there will be perfact. Or will it as Hitomi has a vision.

Chapter 4 The Comet


The sunset over Tokyo is spectacular and crowds are gathering in parks and city squares to view the comet. Hatomi, Yukari and Amano are at the shrine across from the school. The three are dressed casually in jeans. Hitomi has on a soft pink crop top, Yukari as best friends sometimes do, wears an identical green one. As they pass by the spot where Van killed the dragon Hitomi pauses.

Hitomi: “Go on I’ll catch up in a few minutes.”

Amano: “ Sure I need to talk to Ukuari anyway, but don’t take too long you won’t want to miss any of the comet.”

Amano places his arm possessively across Yukari’s shoulders and leads her toward and open patch between several trees with a perfect view of the sky and the full moon hanging above the tip of the tree line. Hitomi watches them walk away then turns back to the spot she had just been looking at.

Hitomi: “I don’t know why, but I feel sad for the dragon that died here. I never felt that way before.”

Suddenly all goes dark and Hitomi sees a blue/green energist glowing brightly, three men in dark robes gather around it. One holds out a long handled instrument, which he applies to the energist. The rod glows red and sparks erupt from under the energist. The energist cracks and explodes. Everything goes dark and Hatomi is again in the shrine.

Hitomi: “ Oh no.”

That was a vision, a vision from Gaea, she realizes as she tries to hold herself steady. Before she has a chance to figure out what it all means Ukuari puts a hand on her shoulder.

Ukuari: “ Hitomi! Hitomi! He did it. I can’t believe it I mean I was hoping.”

Hitomi: “Slow down your speaking in circles.”

Amano walks up.

Amano: “ Come on Hitomi, Yukari, the comet is coming, and by the way Hitomi, I asked Yukari to marry me, but she started babbling and without answering me ran for you.”

Yukari flings her arms around Amano.

Yukari: “Oh Yes!”

Then the two kiss passionately, breaking off the embrace as they realize that for the moment they had forgotten Hitomi.

Hitomi: “Well one show is over, but I think the other is about to begin.”

Together they walk over to the clearing. Yukari takes a blanket from her backpack and spreads it out on the grass.

Yukari: “ You didn’t think I was bringing my homework did you?”

She and Amano settle down on one side of the blanket leaving room for Hitomi on the other side. Hitomi wonders if the comet is visible in Gaea. Quietly she says to herself,

Hitomi: “I’d like to think that Van is watching this with me tonight.”

The comet comes into view above the trees in the darkening sky.

Ukuari: “Oh how beautiful. It’s blue/green.”

Hitomi stands slowly, fear filling her mind. She keeps her eyes fixed on the comet’s progress across the sky. She moves away from the blanket, her hands falling to her sides. As the comet passes behind the full moon a bright blue/green light bursts all around Hitomi. The light draws the attention of Ukuari and Amano. They turn to see the light evolving Hitomi. She screams in pain as her body arches backwards. She lifts her hand and a bright blue/green flame shoots out from the palm. Hatomi vanishes leaving behind nothing except charred grass.

Yukari: “Hitomi! OH NO!”

Three years later and Hitomi vanished from the very same shrine that took her away with that boy, but this time Hitomi is in pain. Where has she gone?

Please feel free to review this story as you read, I will have more in a day or two. I still have the final edits to do on the next chapter. Just fixing gramer and spelling errors and such. As I seem to say alot, I hope you enjoyed.

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Van remembers his dream and the warning it contains. The Firestar is the begining of a new danger to Gaea of that he is sure, and the Firestar arrives tonight!

Chapter 5 Prophecy Found


Van enlists the help of his trusted friends to search for the book from his dream. The vault rooms are dark, but surprisingly dry, the walls scorched from long unused torches.

Allen: “How many rooms are down here Van?”

Van: “ I never counted. Folken and I use to play down here when I was very young. Then Folken would read to me from some of the books in here:”’

A memory from long ago stirs in Van. He sees himself as a boy, tugging on his brothers arm: “Folken, read me a story from the dragon book again.”

Van: “ That’s it Folken use to read to me from a book with dragons on it. I know where it is. This way.”

Allen: “ You could have remembered sooner, we’ve been at this a long time.”

Allen follows Van to the far end of the hall. There sits a small door, almost unnoticed. Dryden joins them as they enter the small dark room. Van reaches up taking down a wall torch, lights it, and replaces it in the brace.

Van: “ It’s green I think and has a pair of dragons and an energist on the cover.”

Each man starts at a different section of the book-covered walls. There is silence and they concentrate on finding the book. Dryden pulls out a green book and opens it.

Dryden: “ By the Gods! Green with dragons, hey look it’s written in the language of the Mystic Moon. It has Gaean translations.”

The men move over to a small table to get a closer look.

Dryden: “ Let’s see it’s the Book of Three. This book is ancient. A lot of this is already our history. What was that first passage? The one Celena recited last night.”

Van: " When fire reaches across the sky, the three dark lords will shatter the Light of Balance.”

Now they must wait as Dryden searches the pages for the passage.

Allen: “ How will we know what it all means, prophecies are never simple. They’re more like riddles that have to be unraveled. Who knows how long we have to figure it out.”

Van: “The first line has to be the coming of the Firestar tomorrow. That part I saw in my dream.”

Dryden: “Wait here it is and look at the illustrations here of the dragons, its just like the cover. The second smaller dragon shadows the first dragon and they are perched on an energist.”

Van: “ That dragon is white, I know its Escaflowne, see it holds a sword. The shadow dragon is the one from my dream. See the fire coming from its claw. Read it.”

Dryden: When fire reaches across the sky
The three dark lords will shatter the Light of Balance
The animals will raise and the dragon’s shadow will become
Fire will rain destruction on the tainted land as the shadows power grows
When comes the triple eclipse the dragon must extinguish its shadow
At the center of cred or the world shall be swallowed by flame.
v Only when the balance is restored shall the dragon renew its shadow
Through the heart of light

Van: “ I have to be out there on Escaflowne when the Firestar appears tonight.”

Dryden: “ That last verse has a symbol by it. I’m sure that the sign of a forked prophesy. There could be more than one outcome. This prophecy has the possibility to end more than one way. This book is very valuable; in the wrong hands it could be a powerful weapon. There are too many guests in the castle now. We need a safe place to hide this till after the celebrations. Studying the prophecies that have already come to pass could help us to figure out how to unravel it. Why was it just down here in the first place, didn’t anyone know what it was?”

Van: “ This room contains my mother’s books. Some are just her favorites, but some she brought here with her when she married my father. No one ever came in here except her, and Folken and me when we didn’t get caught. We also had a special place in here where we hid our treasures; we can hide the book there for now.”

Van walks to a section of the bookshelf, and removes several of the volumes. He pulls out a board in the back of the shelf revealing a hollow space. He removes an old oilcloth and places the book in the nitch. He holds the oilcloth for a moment and then replaces it.

The men leave the vaults each with thoughts concerning the prophecy they have just heard.

Evening is fast approaching and the people of the kingdom have started to gather in the outside courtyard to watch the Firestar. Inside the castle Van and his companions are still unsure what meaning the prophecy holds. How much time will they have before it’s too late.

Millerna: “Most of the guests have gathered in the lower courtyard to see the Firestar. There has also been a lot of talk about your absence today.”

Merle: “It’s no wonder, as soon as she realized you were gone, the Empress started rumors that you two were together, and not to be disturbed. Then she shut herself in her rooms so everyone would think you were there with her. I’d love to scratch her eyes out.”

Van: “Merle!”

Dryden: “Van, you must capture the dragon’s shadow. If you were to kill it now, there is no telling what will happen. We have to be in a place called Cred and in the middle of a triple eclipse or who knows.”

Allen: “Capturing a dragon alive is all but impossible. How do we keep it captive once we get it?”

Mr. Mole unnoticed as usual, ambles through the room, and reaching into his pocket pulls out a pouch tossing it over to Van.

Mr. Mole: “Nice castle lots of pretty treasures.”

Van: “ What’s this old man”

Mr. Mole: “ Dragon Dust. Knocks them out. Humans didn’t always kill dragons. Not until they became greedy.”

Van: “The sun will be setting soon. I will go awaken Escaflowne. The castle guests will be viewing the Firestar from the balcony behind the throne room.”

Van leaves stopping in his room to get Escaflowne’s energist. He removes it from the clawed hand of the dragon statute, and then flips the statute’s thumb claw down to reveal a small hidden drawer in the base of the statute. From it he removes a small pendant and puts it around his neck. He reaches back into the drawer and lightly touches a lock of golden brown hair tied in a ribbon. ‘Hitomi I miss you, I wish you were here with me’ Shutting the drawer he turns and leaves the room heading for the shrine.

Van stands on a central pedestal in the castle shrine and holding the energist high above his head proclaims:
‘Sleeping Dragon Awake! ‘ Light engulfs him and the energist begins to resonate. Outside at the Royal Tomb Escaflowne is surrounded by a bright white light and disappears, reappearing inside the shrine in front of Van. Hopping onto the knee of the giant guymelth Van places the energist inside the chest crystal. For three years Escaflowne has remained silent, but as soon as Van removes his hand the energist starts beating. The chest crystal glows and the cockpit opens. Van climbs in, placing his feet in the stirrups and his hands in the arm controls as the cockpit closes. Van feels a rush of power. He and Escaflowne are one again. They stand and walk out of the shrine into the night. As soon as he clears the outer wall Van changes Escaflowne to dragon mode and lifts up into the darkening sky.

I know these are short chapters, but I hate when the post is too long. But I am following this chapter with another.


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The Firestar brings forth the Green Dragon, and Van's first look at the creature from his dream. Now he and his allies must find the dragon and unravel the Prophecy before it is too late.

Chapter 6 Firestar

On the balcony of the royal throne room Van’s friends and the invited royal guests of the Allied countries gather to see the Firestar. The Empress approaches the people she considers her greatest rivals to the throne, Van’s friends.

Terrial: “Where is King Van Fanel, I expected him to join me here to watch the Firestar together.”

Merle starts to make a move toward the Empress one thought racing thru her mind ‘Scratching her eyes out is looking better all the time.’
Before she can answer the Empress is saved by the arrival of the Royal Chancler. He raps on the floor with a staff to gain the attention of the room.

Chancler: “Lords and Ladies, guests of the Kingdom of Fanilia Lord Van Fanel, reining king of the country of Fanilia, welcome you. His lordship will join you this night atop the white dragon Escaflowne to great the Firestar from the sky.”

Dryden nudges Millerna

Dryden: “Millerna dear, you arranged this to cover Van’s real purpose tonight, didn’t you.”

Millerna doesn’t answer, but smiles sweetly up at her husband. She reaches up and kisses him lightly on the cheek. Terrial is fuming; she looks around and sees Merle staring directly at her a smug look on her face. Terrial walks over to Merle and in a low whisper.

Terrial: “ You’re the first piece of trash I intend to dispose of when I become queen.”

Allen seeing the exchange between the Empress and Merele intervenes taking Merle by the arm.

Allen: “Merle please join me to view the Firestar. I promised Van not to let you see it alone. You really will forgive us won’t you Empress.”

Merle and Allen walk away leaving Terrial alone. Out of the East the Firestar appears in the night sky. The crowds all over Fanilia become quite as all eyes are on the Firestar.

Cheid: “It’s beautiful. It’s blue/green.”

Escaflowne flies directly over the castle and heads toward the open sky. Van sees the Firestar, and knows that his dream is now somehow real. As the Firestar passes in front of the Mystic Moon blue/green fire erupts in the sky. Out of the fire emerges a green dragon, a smaller living version of Escaflowne. Van stares mesmerized at the dragon; the same dragon from his dream. He is close, very close to the dragon now. It looks directly at the cockpit of Escaflowne, as if it can see Van inside. Van gasps, the eyes, the dragon’s eyes aren’t the eyes of a dragon, and they are the eyes of a human. And they are somehow familiar. At that moment the dragon’s chest starts glowing as if to breath fire. It holds out one of its clawed hands and blue/green fire erupts upward from its palm.

Too late Van realizes he is to close. The fire singes one of Escaflowne’s wings, momentarily sending both Van and the guymelf veering out of control. As Van regains control he sees the green dragon heading away, eastward toward the faraway mountains.

Van: “It seems the hunt is on. I will find you dragon’s shadow!”

Escaflowne lands at the Royal Tomb, opens and Van hops out. Allen and Merle are there to meet him.

Van: “We must follow the dragon!”

Allen: “We will, but it would be foolish to do so tonight. We have no plan yet, besides leaving tonight would only result in creating fear in the people. War is still to fresh a memory for them.”

Van: “Your right, it was so close, Allen, and I know you won’t believe this, but its eyes were beautiful green human eyes.”

Allen: “Are you sure, how strange. Let’s head back in to your guests; they may be insulted if you don’t”.

Merle: “By the way, it was announced that you greeted the Firestar on Escaflowne, as a special treat for your honored guests.”

Van: “Cleaver.”

Merle: “Ya, it was Millerna’s idea. But how do we explain the dragon’s appearance, you had a close call Lord Van, I was really scared. Wait, I know, the Firestar caused the flash and it only appeared that the dragon came out of it.”

The three enter the reception area beyond the throne room, where the guests have gathered for refreshments. There is talk of the dragon, but most are satisfied with Van’s explanation. The evening progresses as the celebration it was meant to be. Van is courteous, but considerably quiet through out the rest of the evening.

Does anyone out there hate Empress Terrial? I sure hope so. Well thats all for this time, again I love to read coments, so feel free to review here.

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I'm not sure what is going with my msn, but the darn thing just signed me in the boards as Truks, I posted twice before I noticed what happended, So sorry kid, I used your name. But it is me Fanilia

The morning after the Firestar and the start of a quest to find the dragon.

Short Chapter as I forgot to add this when I posted last. Sorry about that.

Chapter 6 (completed)

The sun rises over the Fanilian forests, the sounds of dragons calling has been heard most of the night, since the Firestar. Millerna and Dryden are in the study awaiting the arrival of the others.
Millerna: “Everything seems so off today, the animals can feel it. The sounds all those dragons have been making are eerie”.
Dryden: “I wonder just how many dragons there are out there?”
Van walks in the study, hearing Dryden’s question.
Van: “No one really knows. There are several different types of dragons, but most of the ones around Fanilia are land dragons.”
Dryden: “I’ve been thinking, we need to figure out when the eclipse will happen. Then at least we’ll know how much time we have.”
The three sit and discuss other options as Allen joins them.
Allen: “I believe we now have our reason to travel to the East. Empress Terrial wishes to leave for Ziabach. The dragons are disturbing her. The Crusade will be here day after tomorrow. We will take her as far as the hills near Bosram to meet a Ziabach convey. She wishes you to escort her.”
Van: “If only all our problems could be solved that easy. I will take Escaflowne out and leave it to be loaded outside the city near where we will stop for the night. Gaddes can think up a reason for us to stop, that won’t make Terrial ask questions.”
Dryden: “With your permission, I would like to spend my time before the Crusades arrival researching those books in your mothers vault room.”
Merle finally enters the room to join the others.
Merle: “Did I miss anything?”
Van: “Most the planning, we are leaving on the Crusade, will you arrange for supplies to be readied and see that the Empress’s things are packed and ready.”
Merle: “Why do I have to deal with her!”
Van: “Because she’ll be so furious, she won’t have time to bother me.”

There short and sweet. Again sorry, I can't believe I did this. But I am also posting the next chapter


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Hitomi finds herself back in the land of Dragons, Gaea. But she has changed, really changed. Can she even find Van, and if she does will he accept her.

Chapter 7 Arrival of the Dragon

Somewhere in the east Hitomi wakes in a strange land. High in the sky hangs the moon and the Earth.

Hitomi: “Oh no what happened? I though I saw Van. It was Van!”

She raises her hand to brush the hair from her face only to stop short. Her hand is clawed, and it is green.. Looking down she realizes her whole body is green. ‘Where are my clothes’? Hitomi’s body has changed, no longer the petit brunette, she is green with delicate, shinny, scales from her wrists up her arms, across her shoulders. They cover her upper chest and v to her navel. Then they flare out to cover where she needs it most. On her left hip is a black marking resembling a dragon. Even her hair is different, Silver.

Hitomi: “Please let this be a dream, I don’t want this to happen to me.”

She feels truly alone, even if she knew where she is and could find Van, he would not know her as she is now. She almost hurt him last night. If she became all dragon again and he found her, it could very well be kill now and ask questions later. Hitomi lays her head on her arms and cries.

The sun is lowering in the sky; Hitomi has remained in the same spot unmoving and unable to accept her situation. Suddenly she hears a noise. Her pointed ears stand as she senses and can almost see the direction and distance the sound is coming from. Several miles away a hunter, a cat man, is deep in the forest on a hunt. Although he is the hunter, he is also the hunted. Hitomi can feel it: danger and death. A raw power surges through her. She leaps up and starts running; running toward the danger, toward the sound. She leaps a fallen tree branch and pain tears across her back. Leathery wings emerge, and she takes flight.

The cat man pulls his spear from the dead beast. Then raising the spear, blood dripping from the blade, gives thanks to the spirit of the hunt. So intense he is in the ritual, he becomes aware of movement around him later then he should. He has allowed himself to be surrounded. ‘How did I allow this to happen’? He wonders as four men appear out of the forest. Poachers of the land that only kill for sport, not for food.

Kendon: “Lookey here Jad, we have us a lone cat”

Jad: “ One with a golden pelt no less. He’ll make a fine prize, Kendon, a fine prize.”

The men advance closer, spears and bows drawn, ready for the kill. A lone dragon trumpets from above, and a green dragon swoops out of the sky, landing in front of the cat man. It trumpets again, rumbling dangerously. Its chest begins to glow. The dragon extends a clawed hand palm out and blue/green flame shoots out engulfing two of the men in flames. Their screams are short, the fire extinguishes and they are gone. The two remaining men drop their weapons and run. The dragon trumpets one last time, a warning: then turns to look directly at the cat man. A faint glow surrounds the dragon as it shrinks and changes form in front of the stunned cat man. He finds himself face to face with a beautiful dragon woman, she looks sad, her eyes full of tears.

He drops to one knee, bowing his head.

Nathen: “I am Nathen of the cat folk tribe of the hills. I live to serve you o dragon goddess”

And serve her he does; for his first act in her service is to catch her as she faints.

Hatomi awakens, there is a chill in the night air, but she is warm. Lying close to a crackling fire, she is covered by a woven blanket. She sits up slowly, but see no one around. Looking down she sees a tunic laid out along with a sash.

Nathen: “I hope it fits ok. If you let it hang to the back and cinch it with the sash your wings shouldn’t get caught in it.”

Hitomi: “Wings?”

Memory flashes: the burst of pain when the wings emerged. fire and death. Hitomi sobs.

Nathen: “Goddess what troubles you so, is it the clothes? I didn’t mean to insult you, it was just you were shivering, I thought.”

Hitomi: “No, No thank you. It’s just that I remember last night. I know those men were going to kill you, but I have never hurt anyone before in my life.”

Hitomi looks directly at Nathen, all of her pain reflected in her eyes.
Nathen sighs.

Nathen: “You must be hungry. Goddesses do eat don’t they?”

Hitomi: “Yes I do eat, but my name is Hitomi and I’m not a goddess. How long have I been here, how long since the comet?”

Nathen: “Comet, what is a comet? I know of no such thing.”

Hitomi: “It’s a very large star that shoots across the sky kind of like fire.”

Nathen: “Oh, you mean the Firestar, It crossed the sky early last night, but how can you say your not a goddess. Did you not appear as a dragon to save me, then change before my very eyes to your present form.”

Hitomi: “ I don’t know, I don’t understand. I kneed to go to Fanilia, to find the king there. He will help me.”

Nathen: “Oh but goddess, Hitomi, the kings of Fanilia slay dragons as part of the right to become king. It could be dangerous for you there.”

Hitomi: “I need to find out why I’m here like this. When I came last night he was there, almost as if he knew something was coming.”

Nathen: “ To greet you or to kill you. Come with me to my village. The Elders there are wise. Many have spent their entire lives learning the history of Gaea and the legends of the lands. You may have been lead here for a reason.”

Hitomi is unsure, would Van welcome her as she is now. Their love may not be enough. In the past few months she has felt less connected to him.“Has he begun to forget me Everything I know, every thing I am has changed in the space of a day.” Hitomi can’t find Fanilia by herself and she can’t stay here and do nothing. It is too soon for Hitomi to trust Nathen, but she feels he has a good heart. She will go to his village. She will talk to the Elders. Standing up she wraps the blanket around her and picks up the tunic. She heads for the surrounding brush to dress.

Hitomi: “I will return shortly and then we can eat together if you like.

Unsure which way is Fanilia, Hitomi must go to the Cat Folk Village in hopes that the elders there can help her. Why is she here?

Well I'm off to bed and I have to work tomorro, but I will post again soon.

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Wow Fanilia I enjoyed reading your fic. You and I should talk more being that we are close in age. I do not write fics but I do rp. I have been told to start writing but time is short so in the mean time I will continue to enjoy reading everyone elses writings. If you ever need a editor or someone willing to give you input etc. contact me via a pm or my email addy is I already do it for Psyche sometimes and I really enjoy reading the works...
Thanks Trinity
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way good fanialla! hope you post more ^^
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Worried about their friend Yukari and Amano pay Hitomi's mother a visit. They hope to find a Feather, Van's feather, and with it try to contact him. Will they succeed?

Chapter 8 Travlers from the Mystic Moon


It’s been almost three days since Hitomi’s disappearance and Ukuari is sitting with Amano on the train. They are going again to Hatomi’s house to see her mother.

Yukari: “Oh Amano, I just know something is terrible wrong. Every time I close my eyes I see Hitomi scream. And last night a dreamt she was in danger, that she needed help.”

Amano: “I know I feel the same way, I tried to convince myself that just maybe she had gone back to Gaea, to Van. I heard her wishing to see the comet with him just before she disappeared.”

Yukari starts to protest, but Amano puts a figure to her lips to silence her.

Amano: “You don’t have to say it, I know. You have a plan to try to reach her don’t you.”

Yukari: “Yes, Hitomi told me that she brought something from Gaea back with her. It’s a feather from Van’s wings. She said it kept her near to him.”

Amano: “You want to use the feather to try to contact him?”

Yukari: “Yes, to warn him that Hitomi is in danger, and she is I just know it.”
Mrs. Kanzaki serves tea to her guest.

Mrs. Kanzaki: “You two shouldn’t blame yourselves. I believe you want to help Hitomi, I do too, but for me it’s not to happen.”

Yukari: “I miss Hitomi, but I’m also really scared for her.”

Mrs. Kanzaki: “I know, here.”

She places Hitomi’s duffle bag on the table.

Mrs. Kanzaki: “Her clothes and some family photos are in there and also her tarot cards. This letter is to be given to her also; you will know when the time is right. Please.”

Amano: “You talk as if Hitomi is never returning.”

Mrs. Kanzaki: “I don’t believe she will. I had a dream last night in it was a beautiful woman with ling dark hair and the wings of an angle. She told me to let my heart be at peace, and to trust that Hitomi’s love would see her through.”

There is a long silence in the room, the only sound the tinkle of the wind chime in the window.

At last Mrs. Kanzaki takes a deep breath and reaches across to take Yukari’s hand in hers.

Mrs. Kanzaki: “You don’t have to search, here is the feather.”

She opens Yukari’s hand and in it places a delicate white feather.

Mrs. Kanzaki: “Please be careful.”

That night Yukari arrives at the shrine where Hitomi vanished.

Yukari: “Amano, Amano!”

Amano: “It’s ok I arrived a little while ago. No one’s around, the last of the tourists have left. I see you have Hitomi’s bag, and a pack for yourself. I brought on too.”

Yukari: “I’m not sure what will happen, but I thought I’d come prepared.”

Amano: “ I am ready, are you.”

Yukari takes out the feather and places it in her palm. Amano places his hand on her’s. They both concentrate on Hitomi and Van.

Yukari: “Oh, Hitomi, please! Van we need your help Hitomi’s is in trouble.”

Amano fells a tingle and lifts his hand from Yukari’s to see the feather glowing,

Amano: “What the—“

Suddenly a bright white pillar of light engulfs the two. Ukuari moves closer to Amano and they embrace each other, as they are lifted off the ground. The light vanishes upward and they disappear

Contacting Van is one thing, but those two got more than they bargined for or did they? Can they help their friend, Hitomi?

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